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VIDEO: My Weekly Budget as a Student in Belfast

Indian student vlogger Suhani Puneet Abrol has some top tips for where to get bargains and the best places to shop in Belfast.

No time to watch the video? Here's Suhani's budget breakdown and top tips:

Budget breakdown

  • £150 per week total spend
  • £35- 50 per week on groceries
  • £25-£30 per week on coffee/sandwiches
  • £30-£35 per week shopping for me/house
  • £15-£25 per week on travel

Top Tips on where to shop

  • Tesco does a £3 meal deal
  • Save 15-20% on groceries at Lidl
  • Primark = Really Affordable
  • Dunnes for student friendly prices
  • TK Maxx is great for designer brands at affordable prices
  • B&M Bargains -find everything you need for your house
  • Poundland has everything
  • Boots Pharmacy has an Advantage card with 10% discount for students
  • Recommend Dunnes, Stradivarius, H&M, Zara for affordable clothing

Travel tips

  • Use the MLink app for cheaper prices on travel in Northern Ireland
  • A taxi to the city centre (2 miles) costs Suhani £10 
  • Book in advance! £40-60 flights to London but it can go up a lot if you look last minute

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Suhani Puneet Abrol

International Business Law | Postgraduate | India

I am currently pursuing international business law with an industrial placement. 

I relish a very good Italian pizza as well as Mexican food. Travelling is one of my deep passions, I could keep exploring throughout my day.  

Suhani Abrol