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10 memorable moments at Queen's: my experience

Take a trip down memory lane with Choo as he shares some of his most memorable moments at Queen's.

Choo attending Pride March 2019 with my Colleagues

Hi everyone! I just thought of sharing some of the most memorable events/memories I had during my three years studying at Queen’s! It was definitely a rollercoaster ride that I will never forget for my entire life.

Choo at his first legal internship in London

First Legal Internship in London


Choo at Pride

Attending Pride March 2019 with my Colleagues


 Choo won champion and best advocate at the Philip Curran Philpot Moot

Attending 2019 Open Moot Competition (first mooting competition)


Choo's 2019 Open Mooting competition

Won Champion and Best Advocate at the Philpott Curran Intervarsity Mooting Tournament


Choo represents QUB at the One Young World Summit
Represented Queen’s University Belfast at the 2019 One Young World Summit


Choo, standing in front of the Lanyon, is a brand ambassador for Linklaters

Brand Ambassador for Linklaters


Choo in a visor

Working on campus for the first time after the lockdown


Choo's trip to Portrush 480x320

Visited Portrush


Choo visits the Giant's Causeway

Visited Giants Causeway


Choo and his girlfriend

Attended Malaysian Night and had a picture taken with my significant other whom I met at Queen’s!

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Photo: Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law
Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law