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Ross McDonald, MA Creative Writing | 10 March, 2021

Considering an MA in Creative Writing at Queen's? Ross McDonald writes about his experiences of the course.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Alice Poole, BSc Architecture | 10 December, 2020

Queen’s students talk about how the new learning environment and some of the challenges.

Sandisiwe Nyanda, BSc Economics & Accounting | 11 February, 2020

Wonder what a typical day on campus looks like? Economics and Accounting student Sandisiwe Nyanda from South Africa gave us a sneak peek into her daily routine.

Sara Sokolowska-Katzer, Bsc Architecture | 15 November, 2019

From getting creative in the design studio to munching on takeaway in halls, Queen's Architecture student Sara Sokolowska-Katzer takes you on a virtual tour through her week.

Sneha Parajuli, MSc Business Analytics | 10 January, 2020

In the age of big data, Master’s student Sneha Parajuli explains why her Master’s at Queen’s is giving her the career edge.

Suvekshya Dhungana, MSc Business Analytics | 4 March, 2020

Business Analytics is a trending course right now, but management graduate Suvekshya Dhunganai wasn’t sure she had the tech skills to code (Narrator: She was wrong.)

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Marissa Piccolo, MA Global Security | 11 April, 2018

Borders are a hot topic these days (Brexit, anyone?) and as Master’s student Marissa Piccolo explains, it’s incredibly rewarding to study some of the greatest challenges facing us all.

Daniel Gonzalez, MA Creative Writing | 3 January, 2020

International MA student Daniel Gonzalez gives us a sneak peek into his day.

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Hannah Badger, BSc (Hons) Human Biology | 23 March, 2018

Hannah is here to give you the inside track on Biomedical Science and Human Biology at Queen's...

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Victoria Brown, BA English and Film Studies | 12 April, 2018

Michael McConway, BA History and Politics | 13 April, 2018

Introverts, there is where you come into your own

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 3 May, 2018

Starting university can be daunting for everyone, but our guest blogger, Severine Robert, has some top tips to get you off to a flying start.

Victoria Brown, MA Film | 4 May, 2018

Victoria Brown is making the leap from undergrad to postgrad and gives you the scoop on why she chose to stay at Queen's for an MA in Film.

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Karen Hassan, Queen's alumni (BA Drama, 2004) | 6 June, 2018

Queen’s alumni actor Karen Hassan has starred in hit shows like Hollyoaks and The Fall. She explains how her experience at Queen’s was instrumental to her success.

Sara Venning, MEng Electrical Engineering | 20 June, 2018

Queen’s alumna Sara Venning is the CE of NI Water – one of the top five most successful companies in Northern Ireland. She explains how her experience at Queen’s was instrumental to her success.

Bernadette Collins, MEng Engineering | 29 June, 2018

Bernadette Collins, MEng Engineering (2009), has forged an exciting career in Formula 1, joining McLaren Racing graduate scheme before her most recent post as a Senior Strategy Engineer at Force India.

Michael O'Hagan, BSc Geography | 29 June, 2018

Michael O’Hagan, BSc Geography (2005) is a hydrographer for Melbourne Water in Australia

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Victoria Brown, MA Film | 19 July, 2018

At peak times the McClay can be a little more crowded than usual. But don’t despair! There are plenty of places, in and around Queen’s, which can provide a haven for productivity.

Sian McQuillan, BA English and History | 16 November, 2018

Ever wondered what University life is like? Student vlogger Sian McQuillan is back to give us a glimpse at what she gets up to at University.

Sian McQuillan, BA English and History | 25 January, 2019

Do you have any questions about studying at Queen's? Student vlogger Sian McQuillan is here with an FAQ guide to give you all the information you need about studying here.

Queen's Student Blog | 9 May, 2019

Exam pressure is real. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Don’t believe us? We asked our students what their biggest tips for exam success were.

Trisha Ong, LLB Law and Spanish | 15 November, 2019

A joint honours can double your skillset, but does it double your workload? Not with these work-balancing tips from Law/Spanish undergraduate Trisha Ong.

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Queen's Student Blog | 27 June, 2019

One hall, two tents and lots of students! Graduation Week is a huge celebration of talent as final year students prepare to take their first step into the world outside of University. But you might be surprised what happens behind the scenes!

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Shreya Mohal, International MBA | 4 May, 2018

Step out of your comfort zone and begin a challenging journey, says MBA student Shreya Mohal.

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Peter Moor, BA English and Linguistics | 11 April, 2018

From a typical timetable to what happens inside the lecture theatre, Peter Moor reveals what it’s like to be an English student at Queen’s.

Alisha Ratcliffe, BA English | 11 April, 2018

Six hours of class a week does not mean it's easy, okay?


Thinking about studying English at Queen's? Peter is sharing his tips on what to expect from your first year and how to get the most out of your studies.

Charlie Allen, BA Spanish and Portuguese | 4 June, 2019

A languages degree at Queen's is a blend of language and grammar, enhancing your appreciation of culture, and giving you an insight into a new way of life. Plus with the year abroad in the third year, the world is yours to explore.

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Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 15 October, 2018

As a first-year dental student last year, Tejinder was not completely sure of what she was signing up for so she has created a guide to Dentistry at Queen’s for anyone interested in the course.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 20 November, 2018

Now in her second year as a dental student, Tejinder is sharing a guide to Dentistry at Queen’s for anyone interested in the course.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 15 February, 2019

Managing a busy university schedule is one of the biggest challenges of student life. Tejinder is here to share her advice for keeping ahead of class work and getting the best results from studying.

Carmen Chen Chinq Lih, LLB Law | 20 May, 2019

The secret to a good University project or essay is making sure you have relevant sources to back up your points. Carmen is sharing her favourite places to start with when she's searching for academic resources.

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Hew Hoong Liang, LLB LAW | 17 October, 2018

Malaysian Student Blogger, Liang shows you what it like is to be a law student at Queen’s University Belfast.

Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW | 21 January, 2019

Trying to work on multiple assignments? Deadlines months can be very taxing especially if you know you need to produce your best work. Jia Xin is here to share her ways of dealing with multiple assignments.

Event in the Quad
Hew Hoong Liang, LLB LAW | 10 January, 2019

Liang, a Final Year Law Student reveals what are several of his favourite things studying Queen’s University Belfast.

Shuk Kuen Yau, MA Media & Broadcast | 23 October, 2019

From starting her day the zen way to staying on top of current affairs, MA student Shuk Kuen Yau ('Yumi') from Hong Kong explains how she fits everything in to just 24 little hours.