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A Day in the Life of an Accounting Student

Curious as to how exactly an Accounting student at Queen's spends a typical day? Check out Suzanne's blog to find out!

Suzanne and friends in the Union
Always nice to catch up with friends in the Union

Accounting is part of Queen’s Management School which means most of my classes take place in the Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC) located just behind the main Lanyon Building.

How Accounting BSc Works

As a final year student, semester one involves two core modules and one optional module. My core modules are financial accounting and law of business organisations and my optional module is Issues in Not For Profit and Public Sector Accounting. All undergraduates are in at least 4 days a week and most classes are held on Queen’s main campus.

Suzanne's laptop
Nice study views

Insider Tip:  For students thinking of travelling to university every day, the number of hours varies, so some days you can be in class for 4 hours and the next day only 1 hour.

8:45am: Walk to Class

I live in Stranmillis which is just a short 10-minute walk through Botanic Gardens and past the McClay library to the PFC, where I have my first class on a Monday morning. I usually print my lecture notes in the McClay before because it’s easier to take notes this way.

Botanic Gardens
Walk through Botanic Gardens

9am-11am: Not-For-Profit Lecture

My first lecture is 2 hours long, but we’re given a break midway for a chance to grab a coffee in the Junction Café on the bottom floor of the PFC.

Lecture theatre  - accounting lecture
First lecture of the day

Insider Tip: Usually lecturers will give you exam tips or extra notes when they’re speaking so make sure you keep an ear out for them.

Get refreshed between classes at Junction

11am-1pm: Study in The McClay Library

After class I usually head down the back steps at the PFC and across the car park to the library. I grab a snack in the Clements Café and then make my way to the ground floor computers to complete a bit of reading for my financial accounting module.

Insider Tip: The McClay Library is huge but don’t be scared to try out different areas across the 4 floors to see which seat you like best. No area is off limits!

McClay Library
The majestic McClay

1pm-2pm: Financial Accounting Lecture

Our financial accounting lecture is split up on a Monday, so our first hour is at lunchtime and our second hour is in the evening. This room is in the main Lanyon Building and can be quite hard to find. If you’re lost, don’t be afraid to ask for directions in the Queen’s Shop located just beside the main entrance. (Don’t worry I’m in my final year and I still have to ask where I’m going!)

Lecture theatre
More lectures...

Insider Tip: If your lectures are split up across your day the Students’ Union is a great space to spend the time in between. There are study spaces, a shop and the Union Bar for food and drinks

2pm-5pm: Study and Spend Time with my Friends

It depends how tired I am at this stage or whether it’s close to exam time or not. I either go back to the McClay library because it’s so close or I head for a drink at the Students’ Union with my friends.

Suzanne in the Students' Union
Chill out time at the Union

5pm-6pm: Last Lecture of The Day

Monday is usually my busiest day of the week, so we don’t finish class till 6pm. This isn’t that bad as the lecture usually just continues on what we were discussing earlier. We are currently learning about how sustainability and climate change affects how accountants report for companies.

6:15pm Dinner and Chill

After class I head home for some dinner and, depending on how I feel, I either head to Queen’s PE Centre in Botanic Gardens (home to Queen’s Sport) to play some squash with my housemate or I stick on a movie and relax.

Person playing squash
De-stress with some a game of squash!

Insider Tip: University is very flexible and different for everyone which is great because you can choose to do work during the day or in the evenings and the same can be said for the gym, hobbies, or activities with your friends.

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Suzanne Mooney

Accounting | Undergraduate Student | Northern Ireland

I'm a 21-year-old from Dungiven, a small town just outside Derry. I'm in my final year of Accounting at Queen's. I'm also a student ambassador as well as a member of the Accounting Society Committee and Student Voice. When I'm not in uni I love to play Squash at the PEC, go to the cinema, and go out with my friends.

Suzanne Mooney