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Accessible Accommodation at Queen's

Would you like to live in University Accommodation but you're concerned about accessibility? Wheelchair user Alastair has been really enjoying his time at Elms BT1, here's what he has to say about it...

Wheelchair user
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My name is Alastair Bull, and I am a wheelchair user currently staying at Elms BT1. I chose to stay at Queen's Accommodation in order to participate in student life at the university. I was worried about how accessible it would be, but after looking into it I felt a lot better.

I was able to go on a tour of one of the accessible rooms at Elms BT1 and thought it was perfect and very accessible which helped my decision.

What makes a room accessible?

First of all, my accessible room at BT1 is very big which gives me a lot of space to move around which is very useful. I was worried that the room would be too small and that it would be hard to get around, but that wasn't the case.

The bed is also low enough to the ground so that I don't have much problem getting into it and it's also very comfortable. The bathroom is very big which is great, and it is adapted to be accessible for me with handrails where needed and a low-down sink and mirror that I don't have any problems using. It also has a shower with a shower chair mounted on the wall which is very easy to use.

What is the rest of your flat like?

The communal kitchen is also very accessible with a lowered hob and sink that are very easy to use. I am able to use them to cook all kinds of food with ease and also do my own dishes. There is also a low down oven which I can use as well.

Other appliances such as the kettle and microwave are also really easy to reach and use and the kitchen table and sitting area are very comfortable and easy to get around.

Is it accessible to get to? 

I have been given a disabled car parking space in the small car park at the back of Elms BT1 which is very useful. I have a fob to get through the gate and can park there any time which is extremely helpful when it comes to getting to my lectures as it means I don't have to get a taxi or make my way there on foot.

How has the overall accommodation experience been?

I haven't had any problems with other aspects of the accommodation. The common room is very accessible and a great place to spend some time.

The gym in BT1 is also very easy to use, with various weight machines and free weights. It even has an accessible hand bike.

The laundry and waste rooms are easy to use, with lowered washers and dryers for me.

Overall, I have had a perfect time at university, with my accommodation being the main part. Most places nearby and my lecture halls are all accessible and being a wheelchair user hasn't really been a problem with my time here.

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Accessible rooms are available at Elms BT1, BT2 and BT9.

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Alastair Bull

Biomedical Science | Undergraduate Student | Bangor, NI

My Name is Alastair, and I come from Bangor in Northern Ireland. I moved to Belfast so that I could fully embrace the university lifestyle. I live in Elms BT1. 

Alastair Bull