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Discovering the Magic of C.S. Lewis Square

Take a trip to C.S. Lewis Square in east Belfast with Sami and enter the magical world of Narnia!

Narnia Mr and Mrs Beaver
Mr. and Mrs. Beaver

Have you ever wondered what famous authors and artists have grown up in the city that you’re calling home for one year? Me too! I learned very quickly that one of the most known authors that grew up in Belfast was C.S. Lewis, author of the best-selling book, The Chronicles of Narnia.

C.S. Lewis has been a subtle influence throughout my time at Queen’s. I’ve often studied in the C.S. Lewis Reading Room at the McClay Library. On one floor of one of the libraries, a replica of the Wardrobe opens to the wonders of the reading room.

However, C.S. Lewis has not just inspired a room in the library within Belfast – there is an entire square dedicated to this author. The C.S. Lewis Square is a public space and has seven sculptures depicting the characters in The Chronicles of Narnia.

CS Lewis Square

C.S. Lewis Square, East Belfast

I decided to head out to the square over the weekend since it is a short walk from my accommodation within the city centre. Within approximately 30 minutes, I had left the busy city and entered a fantasy world, ruled by the animals and witches of Narnia. However, as it can be freezing in Belfast, Queen’s accommodation also offers a free weekend trip to the square.

The square is most famous for the seven sculptures depicting the world of Narnia: Mr. Tumnus, Maugrim, the White Witch, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, the Stone Table, the Robin, and Aslan the Lion. These sculptures were created by the artist Maurice Harron, a local of Northern Ireland. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched or read The Chronicles of Narnia recently, there are name plates next to each sculpture stating what the statue is and the significance within the story.

Maugrim statue at CS Lewis Square

Maugrim sculpture

After I had searched and found the seven sculptures, I decided to grab a bite at The Lamppost Cafe, a Narnia inspired restaurant. I went in to warm up from the cold and was, once again, immersed in a world so different from my own. Not only were the decorations amazing, but the food was incredible!

Interior of Lampost Cafe

Cosy vibes at The Lamppost Cafe

After lunch, I ended my fantasy filled day and headed back to the real world. It’s so magical to know that the fantasies of Narnia are just a 30 minute walk away where I can immerse myself within a childhood classic!


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