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Waterfall in Glenariff forest park
Sreyashi Acharjee | 24 May, 2024

PhD student Sreyashi recently visited the picturesque Glenariff Forest Park in Antrim as part of a day trip organised by Queen's. Check out the highlights below!

Sreyashi Residential Assistant vlog thumbnail
Sreyashi Acharjee | 23 April, 2024

Residential Assistant Sreyashi discusses her role within the Student Accommodation team and the benefits of being a Residential Assistant!

Student Sreyashi in IKEA on accommodation trip
Sreyashi Acharjee | 8 April, 2024

Residential Assistant Sreyashi recently visited IKEA as part of a trip organised by the Queen's accommodation team. Check out the highlights!

Kathryn Allen Why I Love Queen's vlog thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 12 March, 2024

Final year Medicine student Kathryn tells us what she loves most about studying at Queen's University Belfast.

Hop on hop off bus in Belfast sightseeing tour
Sreyashi Acharjee | 1 March, 2024

Join PhD student Sreyashi on a tour around Belfast and its various historical and cultural sites.

Student posing in front of lake
Wai Siew Ng (Tarra) | 26 February, 2024

Law student Tarra enjoys sightseeing, goat yoga and more during a recent series of trips throughout Northern Ireland, organised by the Queen's Accommodation team.

Thumbnail for Swanston House accommodation tour vlog
Ghada Al Fakih | 20 February, 2024

Join Lebanese student Ghada on a tour of her student accommodation in the heart of Belfast city centre.

Day in the life of a Chemical Engineering student vlog thumbnail
Htoo Akari Khin | 7 February, 2024

Ever wondered what it's like to study Chemical Engineering at Queen's University? Htoo takes us through a typical day as an undergraduate student below.

3 separate images of students in Fiji doing various activities
Charlotte Jennings | 24 January, 2024

Looking to enhance your university experience with a once in a lifetime trip abroad? GB student Charlotte recently had a chance to visit Fiji with Think Pacific for a local community project.

Front of Lanyon Building
Kathryn Allen | 15 November, 2023

Final year Medicine student Kathryn spends a cosy Autumn day around the Queen's campus.

Graduate school tour vlog thumbnail
Keerthana Sundararaj | 10 November, 2023

Follow MSc Management student Keerthana on a tour of the Graduate School and its various facilities.

Student's medical elective in vietnam vlog thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 8 November, 2023

Eagerly anticipated by first to fourth year medicine students, the final year elective is one of the most exciting parts of medical school. Join Kathryn as she spends her elective in Vietnam.

A student's guide to Belfast thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 20 October, 2023

Join Medicine student Kathryn as she takes us on a tour of her favourite student restaurants, cafes and outdoor areas in Belfast.

Fannya why I chose Queen's vlog thumbnail
Fannya Ratana Sandjaja | 11 September, 2023

Find out why Computer Science student Fannya chose to make the move from Indonesia to Belfast to study at Queen's University!

Pride 2023 thumbnail
Patrick Doherty | 18 August, 2023

Join Medicine student Patrick as he celebrates Belfast Pride 2023!

Revision weekend with Kathryn video thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 2 June, 2023

It's that time again! Join Medical Student Kathryn as she takes you through a weekend of revision for her medicine exams, see all the best study spots on campus and get some tips for coping with the busyness of it all.

Come with me to the King's Coronation - Claire Thompson thumbnail in London
Claire Thompson | 11 May, 2023

I'm a Learning Disabilities Nurse at Queen's and my online videos encouraging everyone to learn Makaton got me an invite to the King's Coronation. Take a look at the highlights in my vlog!

wellbeing walk thumbnail
Wai Siew Ng (Tarra) | 8 May, 2023

Queen's Accommodation organises lots of trips and activities to help you make friends while exploring Belfast. Join Tarra on a wellbeing walk through Botanic Gardens.

Day in the life of a management student thumbnail
Keerthana Sundararaj | 5 May, 2023

Thinking of studying Management at Queen's? Check out Keerthana's great video!

Student in scrubs with her thumb up
Kathryn Allen | 10 April, 2023

Ever wondered what it's like on a medicine placement? Join Medical Student Kathryn as she takes you through a typical week on placement.

what I eat in a week at uni - youtube thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 24 March, 2023

Medical Student Kathryn takes you on her weekly shop and shares some tips on how you can created delicious meals on a student budget.

Day in the life of a computer science student - youtube thumbnail
Fannya Ratana Sandjaja | 3 March, 2023

Ever wondered what it's like to be a Computer Science Student at Queen's? Indonesian student Fannya's created this video just for you!

off-campus accommodation thumbnail
Fannya Ratana Sandjaja | 16 January, 2023

Indonesian student Fannya's here with a great guide on how to find off-campus accommodation if you're an international student.

Camila and her friends at the Giant's Causeway
Camila Montero | 13 January, 2023

If you're living in Queen's accommodation make sure to take advantage of all the trips. They're a great way to make new friends and see more of Northern Ireland. Join Camila for a trip to the Giant's Causeway, the Dark Hedges and the North Coast.

Best coffee shops in belfast thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 11 January, 2023

Whether you're an espresso or salted caramel iced latte type person, there's a coffee shop in Belfast for you! Check out Kathryn's fave spots in this video.

MBC Library tour thumbnail
Hiya Grover | 9 January, 2023

Join Hiya for a tour through the Medical Biology Centre Library at Queen's.

McClay library tour thumbnail
Hiya Grover | 6 January, 2023

Join Hiya for a tour through the McClay Library and see all the facilities, resources and study spaces.

youtube thumbnail for Indian student life in Belfast
Ashvi Prem | 3 January, 2023

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Diwali, Bollywood Night, Qulture Shock and more! Indian student Ashvi discusses all the things you can do to feel closer to home and mix with the Indian community at Queen's and in Belfast.

Student Tour of One Elmwood youtube thumbnail
Divyata Bhola | 27 December, 2022

Join Indian postgrad student Divyata for her tour of all the great facilities and support services in One Elmwood Student Centre and Students’ Union.

'Come with me to a gig in Mandela Hall' thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 22 December, 2022

Mandela Hall is BACK and better than ever. Join Kathryn as she gets ready to go out and catch a gig with her friends.

Get in the Christmas spirit at Queen's video thumbnail
Sreyashi Acharjee | 20 December, 2022

Take a look at all the fun events happening at Queen's during the festive season, from karaoke to potluck parties, there's something for everyone and they're a great way to make friends, socialise and get in the Christmas spirit!

Divyata Bhola day in the life thumbnail
Divyata Bhola | 6 December, 2022

Spend a day with Indian postgrad student Divyata all the way from her morning gym session to her classes, her accommodation, a trip to the library and and a jaunt to the city centre.

Sreyashi youtube thumbnail for how to get on a phd programme at Queen's
Sreyashi Acharjee | 1 December, 2022

Do you want to get on a PhD programme but have no idea where to start or how to find funding? Sreyashi is here with her amazing video guide to application timelines, applying for scholarships, acing interviews and writing your application.

Sunrise social thumbnail
Camila Montero | 30 November, 2022

If you're living in Queen's accommodation make sure to take advantage of all the trips they organise. They're a great way to make new friends and see more of Northern Ireland. Join Camila for a sunrise social at Crawfordsburn beach.

Belfast on a Budget YouTube thumbnail
Beth Molloy | 28 November, 2022

Wondering how to spend a weekend in Belfast on a budget? Join student Beth as she takes you to some free and discounted spots right around campus!

Kathryn Allen gigs and live music thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 2 November, 2022

There is really something for everyone in Belfast, from trad nights to club nights. Join Kathryn as she takes you round some of the arenas and smaller venues in Belfast.

Syreshi in the lift
Sreyashi Acharjee | 31 October, 2022

Happy Halloween everyone! Join postgrad student Sreyashi for a taste of the spooktacular Halloween activities taking place in Queen's Accommodation!

thumbnail for Kathryn's sustainability video
Kathryn Allen | 29 September, 2022

Student life brings with it a new level of independence. Kathryn shares tips on how to use your new opportunities for the good of the planet, all on a student’s budget!

Tobias thumbnail, journey to Belfast
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 27 September, 2022

Thinking Belfast is 'too far away' for uni because you have to get on a plane? See how quick and easy it is in Tobias' video of his journey here.

Ashvi video thumbnail
Ashvi Prem | 29 August, 2022

Indian student vlogger Ashvi Prem takes you on a tour of her favourite spots around campus. See the 'Star Trek' lecture theatre and get a look at a K-Pop dance class!

Thumbnail for Olivias top 10 tips
Olivia Watson | 26 August, 2022

From making friends to buying every book on your reading list, check out Northern Irish student Olivia's top 10 tips for first years.

Thumbnail of Olivia saying my weekly budget
Olivia Watson | 25 August, 2022

Northern Irish student Olivia is here to tell you what she spends on a weekly basis as a student at Queen's.

Jesselyn in a supermarket
Jesselyn Angky | 22 July, 2022

From where to shop to how to get a job, Jesselyn is here to help you make the best of your budget.

Sightseeing tour of Belfast thumbnail showing woman looking at a map
Darshana Araventhan | 19 July, 2022

See all the local sights and get a few top tips for great places to eat in Darshana's video tour of Belfast.

YouTube thumbnail featuring Olivia Watson- why I chose Queens for Nursing
Olivia Watson | 12 July, 2022

Northern Irish student Olivia is here to tell you why she chose Queen's for her nursing degree.

video thumbnail featuring Rebecca with text Why I chose Queen’s for Pharmacy
Seohyun (Rebecca) Lee | 8 July, 2022

South Korean student Rebecca Lee talks about why she chose to come to Queen's to study Pharmacy.

Sara at Titantic- Free Things to do in Belfast thumbnail
Sara Katzer | 27 June, 2022

Funds running low? Don't despair! Architecture student Sara is here with some top tips on free things to do in Belfast and top landmarks to explore.

Common Market Belfast
Mollie Egan-Crossan | 10 June, 2022

Join Film and Theatre Making student Mollie for a trip around St. George's Market and Common Market in Belfast

Elms BT9
Seohyun (Rebecca) Lee | 6 June, 2022

South Korean student Seohyun Lee takes you on a tour of Queen's Elms BT9 Accommodation including a look at the Treehouse social space, her shared kitchen and bedroom.

Darshana shopping thumbnail
Darshana Araventhan | 3 June, 2022

From rices to spices and everything in between, join Malaysian student Darshana on a trip around her favourite local and international grocery shops around Belfast.

youtube thumbnail for a cheap day out
Seohyun Lee | 1 June, 2022

South Korean student Seohyun Lee takes you on a tour of a few spots right next to campus where you can enjoy a day out without breaking the bank!

Suhani getting a Tesco meal deal
Suhani Puneet Abrol | 28 April, 2022

Indian student vlogger Suhani Puneet Abrol has some top tips for where to get bargains and the best places to shop in Belfast.

Ashvi Prem and friends
Ashvi Prem | 14 April, 2022

Indian student vlogger Ashvi Prem has some top tips for International Students coming to Queen's. Spoiler rains here sometimes!

Sara Sokolowska-Katzer, Bsc Architecture | 6 March, 2020

Sara Sokolowska-Katzer wanted to make memories that will last a lifetime at Queen’s and – thanks to the friends she has made – she has done just that. Scroll down for her video diary of an epic night out.

Christian Green & Emily Wilson | 2 March, 2020

Coming to Queen’s in September and keen to get your bearings? Film students Christian Green and Emily Wilson are here with your four-minute introductory guide.

Christian Green, BA Film and Theatre Making | 23 January, 2020

Final year Film & Theatre Making student Christian Green breaks down some of the most common phrases you'll hear as a student in Northern Ireland.

Christian Green, BA Film and Theatre Making | 29 November, 2019

Final year Film & Theatre Making student Christian Green loves going out and partying in Belfast so much he made this short video all about it.

Sara Sokolowska-Katzer, Bsc Architecture | 15 November, 2019

From getting creative in the design studio to munching on takeaway in halls, Queen's Architecture student Sara Sokolowska-Katzer takes you on a virtual tour through her week.

Christian Green, BA Film and Theatre Making | 5 November, 2019

Final year Film & Theatre Making student Christian Green shares his video diary from behind-the-scenes at Queen's recent Career Development Programme in NYC

Sian McQuillan, BA English and History | 25 January, 2019

Do you have any questions about studying at Queen's? Student vlogger Sian McQuillan is here with an FAQ guide to give you all the information you need about studying here.

Sian McQuillan, BA English and History | 16 November, 2018

Ever wondered what University life is like? Student vlogger Sian McQuillan is back to give us a glimpse at what she gets up to at University.

premium en suite
Sue Lyn Cheang,LLB Law | 16 August, 2018

Student vlogger Sue Lyn Cheang from Malaysia opens the door to her Elms BT9 room

Sue Lyn Cheang,LLB Law | 16 August, 2018

Student vlogger Sue Lyn Cheang from Malaysia offers a whistlestop tour of the Treehouse

making friends banner
Sian McQuillan, BA English and History | 1 August, 2018

Student vlogger Sian McQuillan offers her top tips on making friends at university and living at home versus living in halls.

1600x575 crowd in a club, heart with hands
Sian McQuillan, BA English and History | 10 July, 2018

Want to know what to expect from Freshers' Week? Student vlogger Sian McQuillan can fill you in.

City hall banner
Anne Marie Hawley, Study Abroad student | 16 February, 2018

Thinking of spending a semester or year abroad at Queen’s? Student vlogger Anne Marie Hawley from the USA explains why Belfast is the perfect destination.

Airport luggage
Sue Lyn Cheang,LLB Law | 12 February, 2018

Pay attention international students: student vlogger Sue Lyn Cheang from Malaysia has your suitcase essentials covered.