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14 Times Queen’s Campus Reminded us of Hogwarts

From the Great Hall to the castle-like Lanyon Building, we can see Harry and Hermione fitting right in here – and you can even play Quidditch!


1. When we snapped The Graduate School from a broomstick*

*not exactly true

grad school

2. When dark forces were at play overhead

dark forces

3. When the sorting ceremony* got underway in The Great Hall.

*It might not have been a sorting ceremony but it was definitely a ceremony

sorting ceremony

4. View from Ravenclaw Tower*

*It's not, but it totally could be

Ravenclaw tower

5. We love a secret passageway

secret passageway

6. What witches and wizards see when they come through the gates

Cara Shanley

7. Sadly, there is no daily owl post in our Great Hall

great hall

8. What dark art is this?

dark art

9. Muggles use computers, not ink and quills

ink and quills

10. You might expect to see owls perched in those vaults


11. A top spot for watching Quidditch on the lawn


12. Wandering around at midnight, Ickle Firsties?

Ickle firsties 

13. Do you know your Quaffle from your Golden Snitch? 

Check out Queen's University Belfast Quidditch Club and see if you could be their next Beater or a Seeker!

14. Is that the Astronomy Tower?

Astronomy tower


Pictures courtesy of Queen's students: @aoifemarken, @carolinespliid, @wiktoria.pati, @carashanley, @daaniellarxo, @ldz_159, @paulagribbon, and Simon 'Gibbo' Gibson, via Facebook

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Discover the real-life history and heritage of Queen's campus.  You can also join us virtually or come for a campus tour.

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