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Why Choose Queen’s

Four things to know about Queen’s cultural melting pot

Everyone can benefit from our global campus, says guest blogger Nyemahame Okwu, from Queen's African Caribbean Society


1. Strangers are friends you haven't met yet

If you are willing and open to meeting new people, you will make friends at Queen’s. It gets easier once you can get past hello and know the next person. From my experience, people are very willing to meet other people who are friendly.


Photos: Courtesy of @QUBACS Facebook


2. Multicultural campus events enrich your university experience.

Events bring so much more value than expected, especially when it involves people from other culture as you get to learn about them and their culture. You can always learn something new and exciting.


ACS events

Photos: Courtesy of @QUBACS Facebook


3. Clubs and societies bring people of different cultures together

The Afro-Caribbean Society was formed before I came to Queen's and I quickly learned why when I spoke with those who formed the society. The aim was to bring people from several cultures together with the aim of promoting cultural awareness. We are here to let people know that there is a place where they can find cultural expression.


 ACS clubs and socities


Photos: Courtesy of @QUBACS Facebook

4.The cosmopolitan energy of the campus is best appreciated through campus events

I get involved in several events and the ACS this year have several activities lined up such as a cookout, culture fest, International festival to mention but a few. Follow us on Facebook which will house our event pages and show you what we do as a society.

Culture ACS


Photos: Courtesy of @QUBACS Facebook

Nyemahame Okwu
Guest blogger, MB Medicine