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Why Choose Queen’s

Why Queen’s for Postgraduate Study - Valeriia Gorobchuk, MSc Psychological Science

“I chose to move to Belfast and study at Queen's University for its unique postgraduate conversion course in psychology, tailored for students transitioning from different academic backgrounds."

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What do you think are the benefits of a postgraduate degree?

A postgraduate degree can offer numerous benefits for newly arrived students. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for in-depth study, allowing students to become experts in their chosen fields. This level of expertise often leads to better job prospects and the potential for higher earnings.

Additionally, the UK's renowned academic standards and its institutions' global recognition ensure that a postgraduate qualification carries significant prestige, which can open doors internationally. The experience also improves critical thinking, research, and analytical skills, which are highly valued in the job market.

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Moreover, postgraduate study in the UK can expand professional networks, connecting students with academics, industry leaders, and peers from around the world. This networking can be invaluable for future career opportunities and collaborations.

Why did you decide to pursue PG study?

I decided to pursue postgraduate study to pivot my career path from economics (undergraduate degree) to psychology (postgraduate degree), which has always been a field of profound interest to me. By undertaking a postgraduate degree in psychology at Queen’s University Belfast, I am equipping myself with a diverse set of knowledge and skills that will enable me to apply psychology in various professional contexts.

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Moreover, engaging in advanced study provides the opportunity to specialise, acquire new expertise, and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Overall, my decision was fuelled by a desire to align my professional aspirations with my personal interests. 

What made Queen’s stand out from other universities during your initial research?

Queen's University stood out during my initial research for its stable reputation. It is a member of the prestigious Russell Group, which is a testament to the high-quality education it provides. Queen’s prominence for a welcoming approach to international students can be particularly appealing, as it suggests a supportive and inclusive community where diverse perspectives are valued and cultural exchange is encouraged.

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Furthermore, the state-of-the-art facilities show the university’s commitment to providing a cutting-edge educational experience, ensuring that students have access to modern resources that enhance learning and research capabilities. These standout features made Queen’s an affirmative choice for my academic journey.

Why did you ultimately decide to move to Belfast and study at Queen’s?

I chose to move to Belfast and study at Queen's University for its unique postgraduate conversion course in psychology, tailored for students transitioning from different academic backgrounds. The programme's structure is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in psychological theory and research methods, appealing to my desire for a rigorous yet supportive learning environment.

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Conversion courses bring together students from different academic backgrounds

Additionally, Queen's reputation for academic quality, coupled with the university's vibrant atmosphere, was a significant advantage. Belfast's charm as a city with a calm atmosphere created the perfect backdrop for intensive study, offering a balance of tranquillity and stimulation. The welcoming approach of Queen's towards students assured me of a community where I could thrive academically and personally, making it a great choice for my postgraduate journey.

How has the Queen’s Graduate School supported your postgraduate journey?

The Queen's Graduate School is essential in my postgraduate journey, providing tailored support that has enhanced my academic and professional development. The academic writing series offered by the school significantly improved my ability to define complex ideas clearly and coherently, a skill which is significant for my research papers.

Workshops on critical writing further ameliorated my analytical thinking, enabling me to construct reasonable arguments and critiques within my field of study.

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Moreover, the preparation for job interviews provided by the school has been invaluable. Through this session, I've gained confidence and learned effective techniques to present my experiences and skills persuasively to potential employers. This comprehensive support at the Queen’s Graduate School is valuable in preparing me for both academic excellence and career readiness.

How will your course at Queen’s help with your future career aspirations?

My course at Queen's is intricately designed to propel my career aspirations in psychology by providing an in-depth understanding of psychological principles and methodologies. The curriculum is structured to ensure a comprehensive grasp of core concepts, while the mandatory employability course embedded within the psychology conversion course equips me with essential skills for the workforce.

Careers, Employability and Skills at Queen's

This unique aspect of the programme not only bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application but also enhances my employability. Additionally, the course's emphasis on robust research design and analysis prepares me to contribute to the field with empirical rigour and further research prospects.

What skills have you developed as a result of your course?

Through my course, I have honed a diverse set of skills that are imperative for professional success. Self-discipline has been at the forefront, enabling me to manage my time effectively and meet deadlines consistently. Working in teams has taught me the significance of collaboration, communication, and the synthesis of different perspectives to achieve common goals.

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Valeriia has developed valuable skills such as team collaboration and communication

My critical thinking abilities have been improved, allowing me to analyse complex information, identify underlying patterns, and make informed decisions. Additionally, I have gained proficiency in research design, which includes formulating hypotheses, operationalising variables, and utilising various methodologies to conduct robust investigations. All these skills enhance both my academic prowess and career prospects. 

Have you utilised any of the careers and employability services offered by Queen’s? If so, how have they helped to get you ‘future-ready’ following the completion of your degree?

I am taking part in the leadership programme offered by Queen's. This initiative enhances essential skills such as strategic planning, effective communication, and team management.

Participating in a leadership programme with the Graduate School, I am developing a keen understanding of leadership dynamics within professional settings. The programme's practical approach, involving real-world scenarios and collaborative projects, allows me to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical context, thereby enhancing my problem-solving and decision-making abilities. The structured reflection and feedback sessions are invaluable in personal development.

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Additionally, the 'future-ready award' I will receive upon completion is a testament to the skills acquired, signalling to potential employers my readiness for the challenges and responsibilities of the professional world.

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Postgraduate Study at Queen's

MSc Psychological Science

Valeriia Gorobchuk

Psychological Science (MSc) | Postgraduate Student | Moscow, Russia

My name is Valeriia and I am a postgraduate student from Russia. I am also a member of the SU Handy Helpers and Dance Club.

Valeria Gorobchuk