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Offer holder QQ Group Invitation

If you would like to join the Queen’s University Offer-holder QQ group please


Step 1: Please scan the below QR code

Step 2: You will receive an email with a group number and password to enter your group.

QR code 2021  offer-holder QQ Group

By joining the group you will have access to

  • Connecting with Queen’s staff and students 与大学工作人员和其他学生建立联系
  • Being informed with up to date events and news at the University 获得大学最新的新闻和活动消息
  • The guide of life in Belfast 获得关于英国北爱首府贝尔法斯特的第一手生活资讯
  • Information about scholarships and accommodation options 了解更多关于奖学金以及住宿选择的详细信息
  • Opportunity to ask questions 向大学团队提出您的问题