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Health | 3 September, 2015

Scientists at Queen’s are developing a potential revolutionary new treatment for Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which are among the leading causes of death in hospitalised patients in the UK.

Environment & Energy | 16 November, 2015

Dr David Jess from Queen's University Belfast's School of Mathematics and Physics describes the journey from looking closely at our sun, to finding ways to speed up medical diagnosis.

rice banner
Science & Technology | 23 July, 2015

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have made a breakthrough in discovering how to lower worrying levels of arsenic in rice that is eaten all over the world.

Health | 17 May, 2015

A ground-breaking new drug combination that could prolong the lives of cystic fibrosis patients, has been trialled by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast.

tourism ni-banner-18011621
Health | 25 March, 2015

Sunbathers could soon tell when to take shelter in the shade thanks to an early warning sunburn indicator, developed by Queen’s University Belfast.

Science & Technology | 11 November, 2015

Queen’s University Belfast is being honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for its work in strengthening global cyber security and protecting the online activity of billions of internet users around the world.

The Lanyon building from the north west
Health | 19 November, 2015

Seminar to promote research showing a whole system approach to better mental health will help protect children in care

group of children from different schools
Society | 30 October, 2014

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have called for earlier diagnosis of autism on the back of increasing evidence that earlier interventions have more positive outcomes.

Society | 29 October, 2015

Queen’s University Belfast is to be honoured by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) by becoming an international example of how shared education can promote reconciliation in divided societies.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Environment and Energy | 7 January, 2016

Environment and Energy | 18 January, 2016

The rapid spread of invasive species across Europe, which currently threatens native plants and animals at a cost of €12 billion each year, is to face a major new barrier.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Society | 26 January, 2016

Professor Jack Anderson appointed as an arbitrator to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

Health | 4 February, 2016

To mark World Cancer Day, scientists at Queen’s are launching a Europe-wide initiative, ‘Vision 70:35’, to increase cancer survival to 70 per cent by 2035.

CSIT | 15 March, 2016

Justice Minister, David Ford has highlighted work ongoing through the Organised Crime Task Force to tackle cyber crime.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Environment and Energy | 12 February, 2016

Queen’s University Belfast are leading the hunt for the source of these ripples in space.

Society | 16 February, 2016

Queen’s Institute of Irish Studies propose a set of new guidelines for the unofficial display of flags in Northern Ireland.

Summer graduation procession
Graduation | 18 February, 2016

President of the Royal Society and Nobel Prize winning geneticist Sir Paul Maxime Nurse, Janet McCollum, Chief Executive of Moy Park and Jackie Redpath, Chief Executive of the Greater Shankill Partnership, are to receive honorary degrees from Queen’s

John McCanny
CSIT | 25 February, 2016

The Centre for Secure Information Technologies at Queen’s – a major hub for research and innovation in electronic engineering and cyber security – will receive a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education.

Culture and Arts | 25 February, 2016

The Deep RiverRock Queen’s 5k ‘Race around the River’ will take place on Wednesday 20 April 2016 at 7.30pm, and will include a new 3k ‘warm up race’ starting at the earlier time of 6.50pm.

Joe OSullivan
Health | 14 April, 2016

Queen’s University, in partnership with the Belfast Trust, is leading the world’s first ever trial of a new combination of cancer therapies for patients with advanced prostate cancer, with the hope of prolonging their lives.

The view from Cave Hill
Society | 15 March, 2016

People living close to peace lines in Northern Ireland have worse mental health than the rest of the population, according to researchers at Queen's University Belfast.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Society | 23 March, 2016

A world-leading autism expert is calling on the Northern Ireland government to take action to improve the support and services available to people with autism and their families, in line with international standards.

Anna Gavin
Health | 23 March, 2016

The Queen’s University N. Ireland Cancer Registry release the number of new cancer cases diagnosed (incidence) in Northern Ireland in 2014.

Campus-lanyon-banner (1)
Culture and Arts | 24 March, 2016

Queen’s students have triumphed at the Royal Television Society’s NI Student Awards, taking home three of the four awards on offer.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Society | 24 March, 2016

A joint report produced by Queen’s sheds new light on the risks encountered by young people and children growing up in places of high religious segregation

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Science and Technology | 3 March, 2016

Chemists from Queen’s University have developed a new approach which now allows for rapid screening and identification of ‘legal highs’ or novel psychoactive substances (NPS).

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Society | 24 March, 2016

The School of Law at Queen's University has welcomed confirmation by the First and Deputy First Minister that an outcomes framework, focused on wellbeing, is to guide the work of the post-election administration in Northern Ireland

Science & Technology | 4 April, 2016

Microbiologists based in the Institute for Global Food Security and School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s have recently released results that may have answered one of ancient history’s greatest enigmas: Where did Hannibal cross the Alps?

Health | 7 April, 2016

Leading researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have discovered a potential new way to separate patients with the very earliest forms of breast cancer into risk groups and better tailor treatment to their needs.

Tess Maginnis
Society | 7 April, 2016

From the Battle of the Somme to the Easter Rising, the events of 1916 and their legacy are explored through a series of short courses at Queen’s University.

Health | 8 April, 2016

The people behind Queen’s University’s world-leading research on breast and ovarian cancer are giving an insight into their work and its impact on patients at a free public information evening on Wednesday 13 April.

Culture & Arts | 8 April, 2016

£4M research project involving linguists at Queen’s

What's your master plan?
Society | 13 April, 2016

The UK’s first research crowdfunding website has been launched at Queen’s University Belfast, giving the public the opportunity to support new and innovative research projects which can impact upon Northern Ireland.

Society | 21 April, 2016

Careers teachers and advisers from schools across the North West have been given an insight into the changing employment landscape for young people, during a special briefing at St Columb’s College, Derry, organised by Queen’s University Belfast.

Environment & Energy | 21 April, 2016

Leading developer, McAleer & Rushe, has been given planning permission by Belfast City Council to develop a 740 bed scheme on College Avenue.

tourism ni-banner-18011625
Business | 20 April, 2016

Queen's University Belfast is the UK leader for intellectual property commercialisation, according to the latest Higher Education-Business and Community Interaction Survey 2014-15 (HE-CIS).

RAE students
Science and Technology | 26 April, 2016

Seven students from Queen’s University have been named winners of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Advanced Leadership Awards, which recognise aspiring leaders in the engineering sector.

Chris Elliott and Caterpillar
Health | 27 April, 2016

More action needs to be taken in order to better protect people with food allergies.

Parliament Buildings, Stormont
Environment and Energy | 28 April, 2016

Northern Ireland's planning policies need to change to better facilitate reconciliation and good relations, according to a report from Queen's University Belfast.

Eye close up
Health | 28 April, 2016

World-leading researchers from Queen’s University Belfast are among a team of scientists from the USA and Ireland who are collaborating to develop a novel treatment for diabetes-related blindness.

Nigel Scollan New Director IGFS

A world-leading expert in animal agriculture and associated supply chains has been appointed Director of Queen’s Institute for Global Food Security. Professor Nigel Scollan will take up the post on 1 September 2016.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
ASTRONOMY | 5 May, 2016

Queen’s University’s astronomers are giving the public a rare opportunity to watch Mercury travel across the face of the Sun on Monday, 9 May.

Health | 12 May, 2016

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast have discovered a new molecule which has the potential to prolong the life of individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF).

Campus-lanyon-banner (1)
Society | 13 May, 2016

A family focused approach to supporting parents with mental illness, their children and families is the best way to ensure positive outcomes for families affected by mental illness.

Health | 16 May, 2016

The sharing of genetic information from millions of cancer patients around the world could be key to revolutionising cancer prevention and care, according to a leading cancer expert from Queen's University Belfast.

Science and Technology | 19 May, 2016

Astronomers at Queen’s University Belfast will lead the UK’s efforts to search for exploding stars, comets and potentially hazardous asteroids using the world’s largest digital camera.

The Lanyon building from the north west
Health | 19 May, 2016

Dr Pierre Meulien, the Executive Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a €5 Billion public-private partnership between the European Union and the European pharmaceutical industry, visited Queen's University Belfast.

head on image of the Lanyon building
Society | 20 December, 2016

Children living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of abuse and neglect are to benefit from a new research project led by Queen’s University, in partnership with Extern, the leading social justice charity on the island of Ireland.

Pan-STARRS project digital sky
Science and Technology | 16 December, 2016

The world’s largest digital survey of the visible Universe, mapping billions of stars and galaxies, has been publicly released.

Anna Gavin
15 December, 2016

Queen’s University researchers are calling on 10,000 men over 50 to take part in a study to find out about their health and quality of life.

Science and Technology | 15 December, 2016

Queen’s University physicists have discovered how electricity is conducted in a type of two-dimensional material – a breakthrough that could herald a new era in electronics.

Science and Technology | 12 December, 2016

Astronomers at Queen’s University are part of an international team that has solved the mystery of an extraordinarily brilliant point of light seen in a distant galaxy.

Health | 12 December, 2016

Queen’s University Belfast and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (SPU) have agreed to facilitate development of a Centre of Excellence within SPU’s new Benxi campus in Shenyang, China.

Graduation | 9 December, 2016

Community development stalwart Jackie Redpath MBE will pick up an honorary degree at Queen’s University’s Winter Graduations today (Friday 9 December).

Launch of Asylum Seeker Scholarship - Sean Fearon, Una Reid, Jamie Armstrong, STAR representative
Scholarships | 9 December, 2016

A scholarship scheme for asylum seekers has been launched by Queen’s University Belfast, which will give two students the life-changing opportunity to pursue a world-class education.

Regius Professorship awarded to Professor John McCanny
9 December, 2016

Northern Ireland’s first Regius Professorship has been bestowed upon Queen’s University’s Professor John McCanny FRS FREng. The prestigious award was conferred by the University’s Chancellor, Thomas J Moran.

Research breakthrough may help help predict pre-eclampsia
Health | 14 September, 2016

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust have made a breakthrough which may be able to predict pre-eclampsia in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes.

Health | 1 December, 2016

Breast cancer patients in Northern Ireland are set to benefit from a new state of the art 3D breast imaging system, the first of its kind available to NHS patients in Northern Ireland, thanks to local charity Friends of the Cancer Centre.

Health | 30 November, 2016

Queen’s University, Dementia NI and Ulster University have been awarded £37,765 as part of a £5 million programme on independent living for disabled people.

Society | 24 November, 2016

The US Consul General in Northern Ireland, Daniel Lawton, has met with Queen’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Patrick Johnston, to launch the first ever international teacher exchange between shared education schools in NI and schools in Los Angeles.

Science and Technology | 22 November, 2016

The Northern Ireland Knowledge Economy is half way to achieving its target of delivering 80,000 high earning jobs and should be a place that attracts the best talent in the world.

Society | 21 November, 2016

Four world-class researchers at Queen’s University have been recognised for the positive impact of their work at the Vice-Chancellor’s Research Prizes 2016.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Environment and Energy | 15 November, 2016

The Ulster History Circle has unveiled a Blue Plaque at Queen’s University in honour of the late Professor AE Muskett.

Society | 9 November, 2016

Researchers at Queen’s University and Bournemouth University have now published the findings from their Music in Mind study, showing that music therapy reduces depression in children and adolescents with behavioural and emotional problems.

Health | 9 November, 2016

Queen’s cancer experts have discovered that blocking a molecule could bypass bowel cancer’s defence against the drug cetuximab.

Thomas Hunter Magowan, Chief Executive of InterTradeIreland, and Anne Clydesdale, Director of the William J Clinton Leadership Institute at Queen’s University
Business | 7 November, 2016

The William J Clinton Leadership Institute at Queen’s has successfully won a renewed contract of £500k with InterTradeIreland for the next five years.

Science and Technology | 1 November, 2016

As the Wrights Group marks its 70th anniversary year, a new centre named after one of the company’s founders has been established at Queen’s University Belfast, the William Wright Technology Centre.

Research breakthrough may help help predict pre-eclampsia
Health | 26 October, 2016

An online educational resource commissioned by Queen’s University and produced by integrated communications agency Morrow Communications, has been recognised at the prestigious UK Quality in Care (QiC) Diabetes Awards.

Health | 20 October, 2016

Queen’s University Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) has announced an innovative Clinical Doctoral Training Programme in Precision Cancer Medicine with the world renowned Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University of Toronto.

Health | 17 October, 2016

A Queen’s University scientist is bringing a new clinical trial to the UK that could help patients with bowel cancer reduce the risk of their disease coming back after treatment.

Health | 11 October, 2016

Almac Group’s Diagnostics business, in collaboration with Queen's University, has announced the identification of a novel immune response mechanism in breast tumours deficient in DNA repair.

Comet 67P imaged by Professor Fitzsimmons and his team from the Canary Islands in January this year. The tail of the comet extends over 100,000 miles into space in this picture. Credit: Alan Fitzsimmons/Issac Newton Group
Science and Technology | 29 September, 2016

The Rosetta space mission, which has been supported by scientists at Queen’s University Belfast, will end on Friday 30 September when the spacecraft will touchdown on the comet it has travelled alongside for more than 1.3 billion miles.

MBRU Class of 2020
International | 27 September, 2016

Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences holds its inaugural white coat ceremony in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chancellor of the University and Chairperson of its Board of Trustees

Anna Gavin
Health | 27 September, 2016

Queen’s University researchers are calling on 10,000 men over 50 to take part in a study to find out about their health and quality of life.

Health | 23 September, 2016

Professor Mark Lawler addressed the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, which is taking place at the UN Headquarters in New York today (Friday 23 September).

Society | 23 September, 2016

Queen’s researchers have launched their evaluation report examining the nurture provision in Northern Ireland, which has been welcomed by Education Minister, Peter Weir.

Society | 20 September, 2016

The Queen’s Professor who played a central role in uncovering the truth about the Hillsborough disaster will receive the Freedom of the City, alongside unprecedented posthumous awards to the 96 people who died and Kenny and Marina Dalglish.

Queen’s School of Law opening: Registrar and Chief Operating Officer James O’Kane, deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, the First Minister Arlene Foster and Queen’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Patrick Johnston
Society | 16 September, 2016

The First Minister Arlene Foster and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness attended the opening of the new £20 million School of Law located in the Main Site Tower at Queen’s University.

Peter Maxwell
Health | 12 September, 2016

Queen's University is playing a key role in the largest ever investment in academic medicine across Ireland, through an all-island partnership to support postgraduate trainee doctors.

Students walking through quad
Students | 12 September, 2016

A new student placement initiative, providing J1 work visas and support for 40 university students seeking quality, relevant, one-year paid internships in the United States was launched today at Belfast City Hall.

Professor Frank Kee, Queen's University Centre for Public Health
Health | 12 September, 2016

Thirty-one new gene regions linked with blood pressure have been identified in one of the largest genetic studies of blood pressure, involving over 347,000 people and including research from Queen’s University.

Hamilton £3.6million investment
Investment | 9 September, 2016

Economy Minister Simon Hamilton has announced £3.6million of research funding for five research projects involving Queen’s University Belfast.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
6 September, 2016

Scientists from across Europe who are leading the fight against superbugs will gather at Queen’s University Belfast next week (14-15 September 2016).

Neil Powell with his dog Charco
Health | 5 September, 2016

An international survey has been launched by psychologists at Queen’s University Belfast to explore whether dogs, who are family pets, can predict the onset of epileptic seizures in their owners.

Culture and Arts | 29 August, 2016

As the US Presidential race approaches its climax, Queen’s University is offering an insight into the workings of the Oval Office through its Open Learning Programme.

Health | 25 August, 2016

Researchers from Queen’s University and the Institute of Cancer Research in London have received a grant of over £819,000 from Prostate Cancer UK to test a new potential treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

Business | 23 August, 2016

Queen’s University and Women in Business are joining forces to highlight the important role of women in leadership across the public and private sectors.

Culture and Arts | 15 August, 2016

A new partnership between Queen's University and the Ulster Orchestra will see aspiring performers and composers work with professional musicians to mark the Orchestra’s 50th season.

Society | 9 August, 2016

A Queen's University Professor has been awarded a Visiting Fellowship at the world's number one Think Tank, Brookings.

Culture and Arts | 28 July, 2016

Professor Janice Carruthers, Head of the School of Modern Languages at Queen’s University Belfast has been appointed by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to a new Leadership Fellowship in Modern Languages.

Society | 27 July, 2016

The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice at Queen’s has secured a major new research award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Society | 25 July, 2016

A leading historian from Queen’s University has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy.

Anna Gavin
Health | 18 July, 2016

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are leading Northern Ireland in the world’s largest ethically approved ‘Life after Prostate Cancer Diagnosis’ (LAPCD) study.

Health | 22 July, 2016

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have begun a £2 million research programme to investigate reversing the damage caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

Business | 18 July, 2016

The first-ever Mini MBA, hosted by The William J Clinton Leadership Institute at Queen's and sponsored by Allstate NI will begin on Monday (18th July 2016).

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Statement | 1 July, 2016

Following the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union (EU), Queen’s University Belfast has issued the following statement:

Culture and Arts | 15 July, 2016

Professor Isabel Torres, Head of Spanish and Portuguese at Queen’s, has been awarded one of Spain’s highest accolades, in recognition of her outstanding scholarly contribution to Spanish literature.

Graduation | 29 June, 2016

Queen’s University Belfast will today honour Brendan Mooney, Managing Director of Kainos, one of Northern Ireland’s biggest innovation success stories, with an Honorary Degree for services to business and commerce.

Graduation | 2 July, 2016

Colin Davidson, the Belfast painter whose portraits have earned him world renown, and Michael Brown MVO, Commissioner of Transport for London, are being honoured by Queen’s University today.

Graduation | 1 July, 2016

Deborah Wince-Smith, a world-leading voice on innovation strategy, and Sir Paul Nurse, one of the most significant figures in the field of cancer research and cell biology, are receiving Honorary Degrees at Queen’s University Belfast today.

Graduation | 29 June, 2016

Marcus Robinson, the award-winning artist and film-maker, and Chris Browne, who runs the UK’s third largest airline, are being awarded Honorary Degrees today by Queen’s University Belfast.

Society | 24 June, 2016

Senator George J. Mitchell is today (Friday 24 June) launching one of Queen’s University’s Global Research Institutes, named in his honour.

Society | 22 June, 2016

The Queen’s University professor who played a central role in uncovering the truth about the Hillsborough disaster will offer his insights into the 27-year-long campaign for justice at a free public talk and book launch at Queen’s on Tuesday 28 June.

Study of built environment on levels of exercise and physical activity among people in India
Environment and Energy | 20 June, 2016

An international research team, led by public health experts at Queen’s University Belfast, have conducted the first ever study into the impact of the built environment on levels of exercise and physical activity among people in India.

grad school sunny day option 2
Campus | 17 June, 2016

Queen’s has received two prestigious architecture awards for the refurbishment of the Lynn Building, which is now home to the University’s Graduate School.

Close up of a shelf of ancient textbooks in the McClay Library
15 June, 2016

Queen’s has announced a new and innovative partnership with leading global law firm Herbert Smith Freehills, which will see the firm sponsor the Student Hub in the University's new School of Law for a period of five years.

Eye close up
Health | 14 June, 2016

Researchers at Queen's University Belfast and University College London have discovered that a drug, originally developed to treat cardiovascular disease, has the potential to reduce diabetes related blindness.

Culture and Arts | 12 June, 2016

Queen’s University Belfast Professor, Jack Anderson, has been selected as an arbitrator for the UEFA EURO 2016 in France.

International | 9 June, 2016

A leading academic in Irish and British History and Politics has been appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation and Engagement at Queen’s University Belfast.

ECIT launcgh Royal visit
Science and Technology | 23 May, 2016

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has officially launched Queen’s first Global Research Institute today (Monday 23 May 2016).

Business | 9 June, 2016

Queen’s University Belfast will today unveil the foundation stone for its new £39 million School of Biological Sciences (Thursday 9 June 2016).

Campus-lanyon-banner (4)
6 June, 2016

Queen’s University Belfast has welcomed the announcement that it has been awarded Northern Ireland’s first Regius Professorship by Her Majesty The Queen.

Launching 2016 University Boat Race at Queen’s new £1.2M Boathouse on the River Lagan are Deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast Alderman Guy Spence, Ellie Holmes, Captain, Queen’s Senior Ladies and Jason Armstrong, Captain, Queen’s Senior Men’s crew, along with Des Hill, Past President of Trinity Rowing Club.
Culture and Arts | 8 June, 2016

There will be a party atmosphere along the River Lagan this Saturday, 11 June, when Queen’s University hosts the 2016 University Boat Race.

Environment and Energy | 6 June, 2016

Around 1,500 paper flowers have been ‘planted’ in front of Queen’s University as part of a project to highlight the beauty and importance of art of nature.

Peter Maxwell
2 June, 2016

Queen's researchers are to examine DNA samples from 20,000 people with diabetes to help identify the genetic factors in diabetic kidney disease, the leading cause of kidney failure worldwide.

Queen's student Sean Murray has won a Royal Television Society Student Award for his short film Fractured City
Culture and Arts | 31 May, 2016

Queen’s University Film Studies PhD student Séan Murray, from Belfast, has won a national award for his short film, Fractured City.

Launching 2016 University Boat Race at Queen’s new £1.2M Boathouse on the River Lagan are Deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast Alderman Guy Spence, Ellie Holmes, Captain, Queen’s Senior Ladies and Jason Armstrong, Captain, Queen’s Senior Men’s crew, along with Des Hill, Past President of Trinity Rowing Club.
Sport | 24 May, 2016

The 2016 University Boat Race will take place on Saturday, 11 June, with 18 crews from across the island of Ireland taking to the River Lagan from Queen’s new look £1.2M Boathouse.

(L-R)  John Hood, Invest Northern Ireland; Professor Andrew Fearne, University of East Anglia; Sean Largey, Tesco NI; Dr Geoff Simmons, Queen’s Management School; and Professor Gillian Armstrong, Ulster University.
Business | 23 May, 2016

Northern Ireland food producers are set to benefit from a new initiative led by Queen’s and the University of East Anglia, which will enable businesses to better understand consumer behaviour and market developments.

Parliament Buildings, Stormont
Culture and Arts | 19 May, 2016

Members of the public are being invited to attend two keynote addresses by First Minister Arlene Foster and former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at Queen's University Belfast this month.

Environment and Energy | 19 May, 2016

The Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine (WWIEM) at Queen's has won both the prestigious Project of the Year award and Design Trough Innovation accolade at the 2016 RICS Northern Ireland awards.