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Are you looking for an academic to provide expert commentary/analysis for a news story/documentary?

This experts directory is a searchable database of Queen’s academics who are interested in talking to the media about their areas of expertise.

If you cannot find the right expert, please contact Queen’s Communications Office and a member of the team will be able to help you.

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Photo: Professor Min Zhang

Queen's Management School

His main research areas are business analytics and supply chain management.

Expertise: Digitalization of Supply Chains, Supply Chain Management, Innovation, Industry

Photo: Dr Graham Brownlow

Queen's Management School

The relationship between economics and history: in particular how incentives have shaped past as well as contemporary businesses in Ireland.

Expertise: Economic History, Business History, Topics in Contemporary Business Economics (e.g. Brexit, Regions and Devolution), Applied Institutional Economics, Economic Organisation of Violence, Communicating Economics (e.g. pedagogy and public understanding)

Photo: Dr Chris Colvin

Queen's Management School

Chris Colvin combines economics and history to better understand the performance of firms, industries, economies and societies.

Expertise: economic history; financial history; business history; banking crises; health crises; patents and innovation; economic policymaking process; pedagogical reform

Photo: Professor Nola Hewitt-Dundas

Queen's Management School

Professor Hewitt-Dundas' research interests include the dynamics of innovation ecosystems in an international context, innovation, technology transfer and networks with an emphasis on small and medium enterprises, business strategy and technology adoption.

Expertise: business, innovation, business growth, technology adoption, management, industry