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Professor Biqiong Chen

Professor of Polymer Engineering

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Professor Chen, an expert in polymer nanocomposites, takes a holistic approach to research, combining synthesis, functionalisation, processing, characterisation and application of polymers, nanoparticles and polymer nanocomposites.

Professor Chen's research interests are mainly focused on polymer nanocomposites, aiming to gain a sound scientific understanding of their formation and reinforcement/toughening mechanisms, whilst also creating advanced polymer nanocomposites with controllable morphologies and properties for a variety of applications including healthcare, energy and general engineering applications. 

Her current research activities cover:

  • Polymer-clay nanocomposites
  • Polymer-graphene nanocomposites
  • Polymer-cellulose nanocomposites
  • Stimuli-responsive polymer nanocomposites
  • Strong and tough polymer nanocomposite hydrogels
  • Biomimetic elastomers and elastomer nanocomposites for soft tissue engineering
  • Polymer nanocomposites for stretchable electronics
  • Multifunctional nanoparticles for bioimaging and cancer therapy

Areas of Expertise

Materials Science and Engineering, Polymers, Nanocomposites, Nanomaterials

Professor Biqiong Chen
Contact Information

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