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The MRC IAA call is currently closed



Following the harmonisation of UKRI Impact Acceleration Accounts, MRC’s Confidence in Concept has now become the MRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA). 

IAA is an integral part of MRC’s translational research strategy and provides annual awards to institutions of between £150,000 and £800,000 to flexibly support a portfolio of translational research projects. It is intended to accelerate the transition from discovery research to translational development projects by supporting preliminary work to establish the viability of an approach and to rapidly de-risk projects across the whole translational pathway so that they become competitive for substantial funding for development. 

QUB has secured an award of £1,330,182 to support activities outlined below for the period 2022 until March 2025. 


There are two funding schemes: Confidence in Concept (CiC) and Enterprise Fellowships (EF)