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Research Culture

What Is Research Culture?

'Research culture' refers to the environment and ecosystem within which we conduct research, both in the policies and processes we implement, and how we behave as a community. At Queen’s we are working to encourage a positive research culture, where the contributions made by everyone involved in research are recognised and respected, and develop an inclusive, collaborative and supportive research community.

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Research Culture Action Plan

The Research Culture Action Plan (RCAP) represents our commitment as a University community to continuously improving the environment in which research and innovation activities take place, both at Queen’s and in the wider sector. It identifies a series of tangible actions, both new and existing, which will be implemented over the coming years to promote a more supportive, inclusive, and collaborative research culture. RCAP is a constantly evolving document which is co-owned and co-delivered by the wider research community at Queen’s, and we seek ongoing feedback through our Research Culture Suggestion Box from all staff and students.

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RCAP Suggestion Box

Research Culture at Queen's

Professor Emma Flynn, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Enterprise, reflects on the launch of the Research Culture Action Plan.

Latest Developments

The Research Culture Action Plan contains a mixture of new and existing actions and commitments that will be delivered during the period 2020-21 to 2022-23 in the first instance. The sections below detail existing actions underway at the point of publication; however, these will be updated regularly with the latest developments in each strategic priority area.

Case Study in Research Culture - Postdoctoral Development Centre

Dr Alice Dubois describes the activities of the Postdoctoral Development Centre in the Faculty of Medical, Life and Health Sciences and the impact it has had on the research culture at Queen's.