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Global Research Partnerships

With the rate of internationalisation growing rapidly, Queen's is fostering an increasing number of important research relationships, and forming global partnerships to drive innovation.

Exchanging ideas, collaborating across disciplines and offering intellectual mobility are essential if we are to address the many challenges facing the world.

As a member of the prestigious Russell Group, Queen’s already has ties with many top universities in the UK and Ireland.

Since 2015, Queen’s academics have undertaken research with more than 4000 collaborators worldwide, on projects of global significance.




Queen’s has been very successful in securing funding from the Global Challenges Research Fund.

We have 48 awards with more than 30 overseas partnerships in 21 countries for a total value of more than £8.3M.

A priority of the Queen’s GCRF strategy is to provide capacity and capability training and development for academics to engage in international research activities. To fulfil this commitment, the University has developed a Global Research Training Programme (GRTP) to provide support for a selected group of early-career academic staff to lay the groundwork for conducting international research to address global challenges.

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Queen’s has also been successful in securing awards from the Newton Fund, with a current portfolio of more than 70 projects across 14 of the 17 Newton partner countries.

73 awards with more than 40 partnerships in 14 countries for a total value of more than £5.2M.

Dr Trung Duong from The Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology was the winner of the 2017 Newton Prize for his work with Vietnamese partners on a Catastrophe-Tolerant Telecommunications Network.

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125 awards with more than 700 partner organisations in 52 countries for a total value of 50M.

Horizon Europe vision is about a sustainable, fair and prosperous future for people and planet.

The programme-

  • invests in climate change research;
  • helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals;
  • boosts the Union's competitiveness and growth.

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US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership

Since 2014, the US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership has awarded 32 awards more than £10M for tripartate projects funded under the US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership Programme, a unique initiative involving funding agencies in the United States of America, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Latest awards include £750,000 to three Queen's University agri-food teams. Projects include Target-TB, a partnership with University College Dublin to control the cause of bovine tuberculosis (TB), a huge financial burden to the agricultural sector.

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Other Funding

From UK agencies: 140 awards involving international partners for a total of approximately £40M.

DfE-Global Challenge Research Fund (GRCF): 80 awards for a total value of £2.3M has supported more than 50 low and middle income countries.

International Funders: 562 projects totaling excess of £72M, with examples including Novartis Pharma, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Norwegian Research Council, US Agency for International Development, Hoffman-La Roche.