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GB Scholarships

Queen’s believes in rewarding hard work and excellence. For 2020, we offer a range of fantastic scholarships for new students from England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. 

Students who make Queen’s their Firm Choice will be contacted in June 2020 and asked to choose from one of the generous scholarship options that suit their needs. This includes the opportunity to receive up to £2,500 per year off tuition fees, for each year of study.

Alternatively, you can avail of great lifestyle benefits including free flights, accommodation upgrades, and even free gym and cinema passes! 

There is no application process for these scholarships. If you meet the eligibility criteria you will be identified automatically.

GB scholarship is only applicable to 2020 entry students.

Tuition fee only
 GradesScholarship value
Band 1 AAB or higher £2,500
Band 2 ABB £1,750
Band 3 Achieve Offer Grade (if lower than ABB) £1,250

Tuition fee scholarship up to £2,500 per year which equates to £7,500 for the duration of study.

Tuition fee plus lifestyle and accommodation benefits
 GradesScholarship value
Band 1 AAB or higher £1,750 + benefits
Band 2 ABB £1,000 + benefits
Band 3 Achieve Offer Grade (if lower than ABB) £500 + benefits

Tuition fee scholarship up to £1,750 per year plus accommodation and lifestyle benefits.

Lifestyle and accommodation benefits include:

  • Three flights home for each year of study 1
  • Free off-peak Queen’s Sport membership for each year of study 2
  • Free movie pass at the Queen's Film Theatre for each year of study 3
  • Free upgrade to an ensuite room in any of our locations 4
  • Free shipping of luggage (up to 30kg) in first year 5
  • Free Bedding and Kitchen Pack in first year

UPDATE: In response to the announcement from Ofqual on Friday 3 April regarding the way in which A-levels are being awarded, we wish to clarify that Queen’s will use the calculated results as provided by your exam board to determine the level of scholarship awarded - in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Hear from our students

“The free flights home included in my scholarship are great. During term, if I need to pop home for the weekend, usually if I’m missing my dog, I can just hop on a flight.”
Alice Poole, Cotswolds, BSc Architecture

My Firm Choice: Why Queen's GB Scholarship Made All The Difference

For more information, read the following or contact us on +44 (0)7585997573 or

Important information:
  1. A cash amount of £280 will be paid in October each year towards the cost of three flights home.
  2. Free off-peak Queen’s Sport student membership valid for nine months will be issued in October each year.
  3. A free movie pass for Queen’s Film Theatre will be issued in October each year and will entitle the bearer to 27 free admissions.
  4. Free upgrade to an ensuite room in any of our locations applies for the full term of the 38-week contract and is subject to availability.
  5. A cash amount of £61 based on Royal Mail Parcelforce 30KG rate will be paid in October of the first year of study towards the cost of luggage shipping.
  6. Students must be from England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and paying tuition fees of £9,250.
  7. Students must apply through UCAS making Queen's University Belfast their Firm Choice and enrol in 2020.
  8. Scholarships exclude students applying for Medicine, Dentistry, and to the Queen’s colleges at Stranmillis and St. Mary’s.
  9. Scholarships exclude students offered a place during UCAS Clearing and Adjustment.
  10. Queen's University Belfast, like most comparable Universities and as stated in our Prospectus and Admissions Policy, makes offers in terms of precise grades rather than UCAS tariff points. AS level or EPQ qualifications are not taken into consideration.
  11. Please note a grade C or lower at A-level will not be considered for the scholarship, unless stated as part of your offer.
  12. Only one of the above scholarships will be awarded to any individual student.
  13. Accommodation and Lifestyle benefits may be subject to change for an equivalent offer and recipients must continue to meet the eligibility criteria in point six above to receive offers each year.
  14. Students will be asked to choose their preferred option by email in June 2020 and no switching between options will be allowed at any stage.