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Higher Education Fairs and Events

Meet our staff at these events and find out more about Queen’s.

If you are planning to attend a Higher Education event and would like to speak to us then see where we will be attending below. If you won't be able to meet us to ask your questions then feel free to get in touch with our GB-based student recruitment team, we look forward to hearing from you.

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UCAS East London 08/06/22
UCAS Kent  09/06/22
UK University Search Brighton  10/06/22
UCAS Suffolk  14/06/22
UCAS Tyneside  14/06/22
UCAS Essex  15/06/22
UCAS North and West Yorks  16/06/22
UCAS Norfolk  16/06/22
UCAS Birmingham 20/06/22
UCAS Humberside  21/06/22
UCAS Staffordshire  23/06/22
UK University Search London  22/06/22
UCAS Sheffield  24/06/22
UCAS Bedfordshire 27/06/22
UCAS Liverpool  28/06/22