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Being a Student in Belfast

Explore Belfast's dynamic student life through the perspectives of our diverse international student community. Join us in uncovering the unique experiences that make Belfast an unforgettable destination for students worldwide.

Isabella at the Giant's Causeway
Arriving in Belfast

"From day one, my fears and apprehensions were dispelled. The warmth and friendliness of the people who live in this city are wonderful. When I arrived at my accommodation, the staff who greeted me were very helpful, advising me on places I could go to do my newly arrived essential shopping."

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Ghada Al Fakih
A supportive community

"Queen's University Belfast has been instrumental in my journey, providing invaluable resources that eased my transition. I am forever grateful for this supportive community that has become my home away from home.

"In the grand scheme of things, moving from Beirut to Belfast is more than a geographical shift. It's a journey of personal growth and discovery, a test of adaptability and resilience."

From Beirut to Belfast: Adapting and Coping with Change as a Master’s Student

Tililenji Mwanza
Life at Queen's University

"The onboarding experience both at the hostel and the University was phenomenal. Despite the apprehension that consumed me in the beginning of being alone, away from my kids and loved ones, I have smoothly managed to settle down and already feel like an Irish lady.

"At the University, the Professors and relevant staff guaranteed that I had all that I needed and even offered extra support in areas where I had challenges."

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Damilare Famakinde
Exploring Belfast city centre

"As a newcomer, it is always a good idea to take the first few days to walk around and get familiar with places around the university. The city centre is also less than 15 minutes’ walk away from the university. Belfast is not a complicated city, it is easy to walk about, and Google Maps will be of immense help in navigating your way without hassle."

Dami's experience of being a Nigerian PhD student at Queen's


"For English study, I benefitted a lot from sessional English courses, which are called INTO classes and include Irish culture, grammar, presentation, academic English, etc. The courses helped me to get well prepared for life, research and the dissertation process from the beginning of my studies and, more significantly, improved my skills in using English. Once my language skills improved, I became more and more confident, and my horizons broadened."

Xinxin's Experience of Queen's and Belfast: A Chinese Student's Perspective