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Queen's Family Scholarship
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20% reduction on first year gross tuition fees
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  • Level of StudyUndergraduate


The Queen’s Family Scholarship is a 20% reduction on first year gross tuition fees available exclusively to students who have been assessed as paying International tuition fee rates and are the children or siblings of Queen’s alumni or current Queen's University Belfast students beginning a full duration eligible undergraduate programme at the Queen’s University Belfast campus in the academic year 2021/22.

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Funding Amount

20% reduction on first year gross tuition fees











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  1. The Queen’s Family Scholarship is exclusively available to new international students beginning a full duration undergraduate programme – i.e. a minimum of 3 years at Queen's University Belfast in the academic year 2021-22.  Exclusions apply – see point 11 below.
  2. The Queen’s Family Scholarship is available to children and siblings of current Queen’s University Belfast or Queen’s University Belfast Alumni. Step children and step siblings will also be eligible subject to point 5 below.
  3. The scholarship may only be claimed by students whose sibling or parent is currently pursuing, or has already completed, a full duration* undergraduate or postgraduate programme at Queen's University Belfast. (*All years of programme must be completed at Queen’s University Belfast).
  4. Students must be classified as international fee-paying students paying the international tuition fee rate in order to be considered for this discount. Students paying NI/GB/ROI fees are not eligible for the Queen’s Family Scholarship.
  5. Students must complete an application form via the Queen’s University Belfast website to claim the Scholarship.
  6. Students wishing to avail of the Queen’s Family Scholarship may be required to provide additional verification of their relationship to the current Queen’s University Belfast student or Queen’s University Belfast Alumni through whom they are claiming the Scholarship.
  7. The discount is awarded for the first year only, and is deducted from gross tuition fees. The scholarship cannot be used in place of any required deposit and no cash alternative is available.
  8. Students must be self-funded.
  9. Where Queen’s University Belfast has agreed discounted tuition fees with partner institutions, those students should contact the International Office by email to confirm their eligibility.
  10. If you are in receipt of funding (either tuition fees or tuition fees and living costs) from an external sponsorship body such as Government, a charity or a private organisation you will not be eligible for a Queen’s Family Scholarship - Undergraduate. This excludes students in receipt of educational loans
  11. The following programmes are excluded from eligibility for the Queen’s Family Scholarship:
    > Undergraduate: Medicine, Dentistry, Agricultural Technology, Theology
    > ALL Distance Learning programmes, foundation degree programmes and non-standard fee courses, including part-time programmes.
  12. Students must request authorisation from the International Office before making any changes to their programme of study. Where changes are made without authorisation being granted, the scholarship may be withdrawn and students may be required to repay the scholarship in full.
  13. In the event that a student has received scholarship offers for a number of different programmes at Queen’s University, they will only be able to redeem one scholarship award. This will be the scholarship award for the course onto which they enrol in the 2021-22 academic year.
  14. Applicants may apply and/or be considered for more than one award administered by Queen’s University Belfast but if successful would receive the higher of the awards with the lower value award cancelled or allocated to another applicant.
  15. International scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with any other University scholarship. Where eligible students can use their scholarship in conjunction with the Early-Bird reward discount or INTO Progressors Scholarship. To confirm eligibility contact the International Office by email
  16. The University reserves the right to vary all or any scholarship awards, discounts and regulations at its sole discretion.




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    Help with new course

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    Thu, 07 Nov 2019 15:58:00 GMT

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    How to Apply

    Complete the online application form to confirm your relationship to a Queen's University Belfast alumni or current Queen's University Belfast student. Students wishing to avail of the Queen’s Family Scholarship-Undergraduate may be required to provide additional verification of this relationship.


    Terms and conditions apply

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