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Scholarship amounts for North America

Faculty  Classification  Course Scholarship Amount 
AHSS MRes Arts and Humanities  £3,000 
AHSS MA Arts Management  £4,000 
AHSS MA English - Creative Writing   £4,000 
AHSS MA English - Literary Studies   £4,000 
AHSS MA English - Poetry   £3,000 
AHSS MA Film   £3,000 
AHSS MA Interpreting   £3,000 
AHSS MA Linguistics   £3,000 
AHSS MA Media and Broadcast Production   £3,000 
AHSS MA Translation   £3,000 
AHSS MA Anthropology   £3,000 
AHSS MA Conflict Transformation and Social Justice   £3,000 
AHSS MA Geopolitics   £3,000 
AHSS MA Global Security and Borders   £3,000 
AHSS MA History   £3,000 
AHSS MSc International Public Policy   £3,000 
AHSS MA International Relations   £3,000 
AHSS MA Irish Studies   £3,000 
AHSS MA Philosophy   £3,000 
AHSS MA Politics   £3,000 
AHSS MA Public History   £4,000 
AHSS MA Violence, Terrorism and Security   £3,000 
AHSS LLM Criminology and Criminal Justice   £3,000 
AHSS LLM Intellectual Property Law   £3,000 
AHSS LLM International Commercial and Business Law   £3,000 
AHSS LLM International Human Rights Law   £4,000 
AHSS LLM Law   £3,000 
AHSS LLM Law and Technology   £3,000 
AHSS MLaw Masters in Law  £3,000 
AHSS MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis   £3,000 
AHSS MSc Children's Rights   £3,000 
AHSS MSc Educational Leadership   £3,000 
AHSS MSc Educational Studies MEd  £3,000 
AHSS MEd Inclusion and Special Educational Needs MEd  £3,000 
AHSS MSc Mental Health and Mental Capacity Law   £3,000 
AHSS MRes Social Science Research  £3,000 
AHSS MSc Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Therapy   £3,000 
AHSS MSc Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders   £3,000 
AHSS MSc Systemic Practice and Family Therapy   £3,000 
AHSS MSc Systemic Psychotherapy   £3,000 
AHSS MSc TESOL  £3,000 
AHSS MSc Youth Justice   £3,000 
EPS MSc Net Zero Engineering   £5,000 
EPS MSc Net Zero Engineering with Year in Industry   £5,000 
EPS MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis   £4,000 
EPS MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis with Industrial Placement   £4,000 
EPS MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis with International Industrial Placement   £4,000 
EPS MSc Applied Cyber Security   £4,000 
EPS MSc Applied Cyber Security with Professional Internship   £4,000 
EPS MSc Artificial Intelligence   £5,000 
EPS MSc Electronics   £4,000 
EPS MSc Electronics with Professional Internship   £4,000 
EPS MSc Software Development   £4,000 
EPS MSc Data Analytics   £4,000 
EPS MSc Mechanical Engineering with Management   £4,000 
EPS MSc Mechanical Engineering with Management and Industrial Internship   £4,000 
EPS MSc Advanced Architectural Design   £4,000 
EPS MArch Architecture   £4,000 
EPS MSc Building Infortion Modelling Project Management   £3,000 
EPS MSc City Planning and Design   £3,000 
EPS MSc Climate Change   £5,000 
EPS MSc Construction and Project Management   £3,000 
EPS MSc Construction and Project Management with Industrial Internship   £3,000 
EPS MSc Environmental Engineering   £5,000 
EPS MSc Planning and Development   £3,000 
EPS MSc Clinical Health Psychology   £4,000 
EPS MSc Psychological Science   £4,000 
EPS MSc Applied Developmental Psychology   £4,000 
MHLS MSc Advanced Food Safety   £3,000 
MHLS MSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare   £3,000 
MHLS MSc Ecological management and Conservation Biology   £3,000 
MHLS MSc Leadership for Sustainable Development   £5,000 
MHLS MSc Leadership for Sustainable Rural Development   £5,000 
MHLS MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology   £3,000 
MHLS MSc Parasitology and Pathogen Biology   £3,000 
MHLS MSc Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics   £2,000 
MHLS MSc (Res) Cancer Medicine   £2,000 
MHLS MSc Clinical Anatomy   £3,000 
MHLS MSc Experimental Medicine   £3,000 
MHLS MPH Global Health   £2,000 
MHLS MPH Public Health   £2,000 
MHLS MSc Advanced Professional and Clinical Practice   £2,000 
MHLS MSc Advanced Professional Practice   £2,000 
MHLS MSc Caring for Children and Young People with Complex Needs   £2,000 
MHLS MSc Industrial Pharmaceutics   £2,000