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Why Queen’s for Postgraduate Study - Xinxin Wang, LLM International Commercial & Business Law

"Queen’s Graduate School has supported me a lot, for instance through the dissertation skills training programme and writing bootcamp."

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What do you think are the benefits of a postgraduate degree?

A postgraduate degree can help with broadening knowledge insights in a certain academic area, like my own postgraduate degree. It will provide a foundation for PhD study and a research area. More importantly, people can become more critical and rational in solving problems.

Why did you decide to pursue PG study?

I am pursuing PG study in LLM International Commercial & Business Law because I am interested in international commercial law and want to expand my knowledge in this area, which is highly relevant to my professional work in the auditing and consultancy industry. I can add more value to the team and clients, especially as the UK is the originator of the world’s legal system and Queen’s Law School is ranked as one of the top law schools in UK.

Queen’s is ranked 8th in the UK for Law (REF 2021/ Times Higher Education Subject Rankings)

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What made Queen’s stand out from other universities during your initial research?

When I started researching universities, I combined my working experience and study background of BA in English language, MBA in Finance Administration and 10-year experience of working in auditing and consultancy. I balanced my time between my application and working, like the English test and other materials required like a reference letter, transcripts, personal statement and so on.

I considered the law school at Queen’s and Queen’s ranking in UK and which is the most realistic choice based on my background. Last but not least, I considered the affordable tuition fee and living expenses, people and culture of the city. After careful consideration, I decided to choose Queen’s.

A day in the life of a law student at Queen's

Why did you ultimately decide to move to Belfast and study at Queen’s?

There were 2 years in between application and enrolment due to the pandemic. Ultimately, I still decided to come because I have a deep passion for my working area and wanted to enter a new stage in development, by expanding my knowledge and building a multidisciplinary study background. I came in the hope of adding significant value to my team and clients, simultaneously in the hope of enhancing my leadership and innovation skills.

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How has the Queen’s Graduate School supported your postgraduate journey?

During my study, Queen’s Graduate School has supported me a lot, for instance through the dissertation skills training programme and writing bootcamp. I followed the programmes delivered by Abbie, career consultancy and employability workshops by Joan, like the mock interview, and “Ready for Future” information session. The event newsletter also helps with narrowing down the information gap.

How will your course at Queen’s help with your future career aspirations?

As I mentioned, my course is LLM, International Commercial & Business Law. This study background and hands on working experience in the business area are appreciated by my current employer.

Queen's University Moot Court

Moot court, School of Law

What kind of skills have you developed as a result of your course?

Research and analytical thinking; problem solving and working with a team; language skills in English and Japanese; and leadership and communication.

Have you utilised any of the careers and employability services offered by Queen’s? If so, how have they helped to get you ‘future-ready’ following the completion of your degree?

The services I use include career consultancy and hundreds of employability events and activities.

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I got my Degree Plus/Future-Ready Award with Academic Route and Combined Experience Route simultaneously with my master’s degree. After graduation, I’m taking various entrepreneurship activities like Co-Founder, our business idea was selected and our entrepreneur team is growing, the team members who are still the current students of Queen’s are planning to take more opportunities with our business idea, like Dragon’s Den.

The team members are all from Queen’s, fresh alumni, PhD students and undergraduates from different countries like China, Malaysia and the UK.

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Xinxin Wang

International Commercial and Business Law | Postgraduate student | Tianjin, China

Hi, I'm Xinxin Wang from Tianjin, China. It has been a wonderful experience studying and living at Queen's University and in Belfast which was a brave decision for myself.

Because I had worked for more than 10 years and built a broad network in China, moving to Belfast meant that I had to start from zero in a new environment, therefore I hesitated for a long time before coming.

However, after I started my new life and studies, I knew I had made the right choice and was glad that I did not give up this opportunity. My experience at Queen's University has improved my expertise in business studies and employability, enhanced my interpersonal and problem-solving skills in a more complex environment and in a calm manner, and has changed my views towards working and life.

I highly recommend those who are struggling with work or confused about the future to come and study for a while. It's a good chance to take a breath and create a space to refresh ourselves.

Xinxin Wang