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Future-Ready Award


The Future-Ready Award is an employability award that allows you to gain formal recognition and a certificate for the extracurricular experience you gain during your time at Queen’s.

The award enables you to articulate your learning and signals to employers that you have developed essential skills required to succeed in the workplace and is open to all Queen’s undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We have over 100 accredited activities available to search on our activity search tool.

These include extracurricular work experiences, community and voluntary work, global opportunities to work or study abroad, as well as early professional development activities.

Search for a Future-Ready Award Activity

1,000+ students earn the Future-Ready Award each year

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Impress employers with future-ready skills and an additional certificate at graduation

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How Can I Get the Future-Ready Award?

There are three different ways to achieve the award:

1. You can complete a single route activity from the pre-approved list and be automatically recommended for the award on completion of the activity.


2. Compete 2 or more activities from the combined route activity list, totalling 30+ hours, then follow the steps in MyFuture to apply.


3. Under the Work Experience Route, you can apply by evidencing 50+ hours of self-organised, career relevant work.

Upon completion of either Single Route, Combined Route or Work Experience Route, your Future-Ready Award certificate will be presented at your graduation.

Postgraduate Students can also visit the Future-Ready Award Postgraduate webpage. 

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Important Dates for Application Process

The application windows for the Future-Ready Award Combined Route and Work Experience Routes are:

 From 10 July to midnight on 01 November

From 20 December to midnight on 01 March

These deadline dates remain the same for each academic year.

Applications are through a step-by-step pathway in our Careers management tool MyFuture - use your Queen's login details to log on to apply.


Hear from Queen's students who achieved the Future-Ready Award as they discuss the activities they were a part of, and what the benefits they gained along the way.


Our top employers tell us why initiatives like the Future-Ready Award help students stand out from the crowd when it comes to recruitment.

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Tailor Your Award

You can complete your activity (or more than one activity), at any time, fitting them in alongside your studies and tracking your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) progress via QSIS.

If you take part in an extracurricular activity that is not currently listed on the Combined Route on the activity search tool, it could still count towards your Future-Ready Award, provided you can show how it improves one of the key employability skills.

Blog: The The Future-Ready Skills to improve while you are at Queen’s

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Own Your Future

Taking part in Future-Ready Award is free of charge, (although some Verified Activities might have costs involved – check with your activity provider), and allows you to add valuable skills and experience to your CV all while having fun, making new friends or travelling abroad.  

Please note, the Future-Ready Award is about owning your future and using your initiative to go above and beyond what is required, so compulsory placements or work experience as part of your course do not count towards the Future-Ready Award. 



Future-Ready Award
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