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Joining a club or society at Queen's is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, keep up your interest in a passion or, even better, to find a brand new one you never knew you had!

With over 200 clubs, all of them student-led, there's something for everyone. See the full A-Z list of clubs


The largest group of clubs at Queen's is sports; and no wonder with our state-of-the-art fitness facilities offering the perfect place to practice all sports imaginable, from Tennis to Taekwondo.

If you're worried its all about football and rugby then fear not; Queen's has an incredibly diverse list of sports clubs available to join. In fact we have 10 combat sport clubs alone, including Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Wado Ryu (it's a form of karate!) and good old fashioned boxing.

If team sports are more your thing then you're in luck. Queen's has teams in soccer, rugby, basketball and hockey for both men and women. On top of that there are clubs for all gaelic sports, including Gaelic Football (Men and Ladies'), Hurling, Camogie and Handball.

Whether its in or on the water we boast a great selection in all water sports, including sailing, surfing, the boat club and for the more adventurous, underwater hockey!

PHOTO: Zach Scott
Our annual ski trip is often quoted by members as “the best holiday of my life”. If you’re a keen skier, it’s a chance to develop a new skill, see a beautiful part of the world, and get to know students from across Queen’s. For me, being on the club committee has shaped my experience at Queen’s; I have seen how the club can help someone to develop as a student and grow as a person. Zach Scott
Snowsports Club Captain

I found the Camogie team at Queen's very inclusive and welcoming. No matter where you are; Belfast, Cork or Abu Dhabi,  playing always brings that homely feeling which is greatly appreciated when starting off in a new place like university. - Cornelia Hawkes, Medicine, Ireland


Arts, Culture and language

Learn a new language and more about a foreign culture or simply meet up with students from the same part of the world as you

Create a masterpiece with a brush (Art club), a camera (Photography club) or even a sheet of paper (Origami club).

If languages and culture are more your thing why not join An Cumann Gaelach, the French club or the Japanese club.

You could even have a go at Chinese Lion Dance.

Students laughing doing a podcast

Media and Gaming

Enjoy all things gaming with the Dragon Slayers club or go one step further and design your own with the Indie Games Development club

Dreaming of making your mark in the world of Film or music? Perhaps you've always wanted to host your own radio show.

Maybe you're more interested in making friends at a Game Jam, going to games tournaments and testing new games with the Indie Games Development Society.

With clubs ranging from Electronic Music to Bollywood fan society there's something to cater for all tastes.

Queen's Quidditch club


All Muggles Welcome!

The Queen’s Quidditch club (QQC) is a student run organization that allows Queen's University students to enjoy the popular sport from the Harry Potter series. The QQC strives to provide a supportive environment for students of all backgrounds and to provide an experience that is fun, good for health, and that allows any and all students to come together and enjoy the exhilaration that only a good Quidditch game gives.

More about this club
Computing society event

Academic and Career enhancement clubs

Many courses have related clubs but they do much more than discuss what happened in your latest lecture - including organising social events and fundraisers.

Academic Clubs include: Architecture, History, Law and Microbiology + over 30 more.

Whether you're interested in Chemistry or Computing there's an academic club for you.
Academic clubs a great way to meet like minded people and enjoy your academic interests in a relaxed and social environment.

2 kids and a student at the Teddy Bear Hospital

Academic and Career enhancement clubs

Academic clubs can also help enhance your studies and your career opportunities in the process.

Accountancy Club has links with Belfast's top firms and offers opportunities to talk to graduates and senior members of staff.

The Teddy Bear Hospital works closely with schools and youth clubs to promote a healthy lifestyle to kids.

The Economics Society can take you to events from Kilkenomics (the economics and comedy festival in Kilkenny) to The Trinity Economics Forum in Dublin (Ireland’s first and largest student run economics forum).

Female student smiling with book

Clubs and societies

Enhance your employability with Degree Plus at Queen's

Being part of a club is more than just a great way to make new friends; its an opportunity to improve your skillset and and can be a useful addition to your CV. If you get involved in running a club you can get credit towards a Queen’s University Degree Plus Accreditation.

More about Degree Plus
PHOTO: Peter Reid
Queen’s Christian Union is one of the most active and exciting clubs in all of Queen’s. With around seven different events going on in any given week there truly is something for everyone at QUBCU! I have met many brilliant friends and been able to serve the wider community through our outreach events. I would encourage anyone who has any religious interest or is just seeking some friendship to come along to any of our events. You won’t regret it! Peter Reid
QUBCU President
Group shot on steps 800x533

Politics, debate and discussion clubs

Discuss what matters most to you with like-minded individuals at Queen's or argue your point with the Libertarian debate club.

If your passion is politics then you can join one of many political clubs at Queen's or even get involved with local political parties like Alliance Party, Green Party or the SDLP.

There's also the Literific Society which hosts weekly debates with the aim of promoting the skills of debating and public speaking throughout the University and beyond.

close up of a golden labrador guide dog

Charity work and environmental clubs

Help raise money and awareness for a number of great causes by volunteering for one of our charitable and environmental clubs. Clubs include:

Guide Dogs

Or volunteer to help kids to code with Code club, campaign with Student Action for Refugees, or help end domestic violence with Women's Aid.

Students in the Students' Union social space

International Students

Feel at home

We've over 200 student clubs, including our international societies, which are a great way to meet friends and get a break from studying. They include:

Queen’s International Students Society
African and Caribbean Society
Chinese Students Association
Indonesian Society
Islamic Society
Korean Society
Malaysian Students Society Northern Ireland
South Asian Students Society