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31 March, 2023

Six academics from Queen’s University Belfast have been selected to form part of the Young Academy Ireland – an all-island network of 40 early career researchers and innovators.

29 March, 2023

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast have made an exciting discovery – they’ve spotted what looks like a supernova in the afterglow of a dazzling gamma ray burst, located an astonishing two billion light years away in a distant galaxy.

28 March, 2023

A group of experts from government and academia have met at Queen’s University Belfast for the China-UK/Northern Ireland Forum on New Energy Innovation.

RECOGNITION | 27 March, 2023

Professor Gavin Andrews, Chair of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Deputy Head of School in the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast, has been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Irish Academy of Engineering (IAE).

Technology | 20 March, 2023

Queen’s University Belfast researchers will play an integral role in a new £7 million project which will shape and develop the future of electromagnetic science and technology.

15 March, 2023

A professor from Queen’s University Belfast is leading a new research project exploring the risk of suicide in veterans in Northern Ireland.

13 March, 2023

The first step has been taken in the development of a new scientific and environmental demonstator site in Lower Botanic Gardens.

Sustainability | 13 March, 2023

A £4.5 million award Green Innovation Challenge Fund (GICF) has been launched to help Northern Ireland reach the Net Zero Energy goals outlined in the NI Energy Strategy 2021.

Sustainability | 13 March, 2023

A new solvent developed by researchers at Queen’s University Belfast can separate gases efficiently and could cut global carbon emissions.

Technology | 3 March, 2023

Four researchers from Queen's University Belfast’s Centre for Wireless Innovation (CWI) will play a major role in two new research and innovation platforms set up by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

1 March, 2023

People who have been victims of crime are more likely to approve of revenge, new research from Queen’s University Belfast has found.

Technology | 22 February, 2023

The UK Government has announced £18.9 million investment in NI’s Cyber Security industry, including £11 million Government funding through the New Deal for Northern Ireland, to develop a pipeline of cyber security professionals in NI.

14 February, 2023

Queen’s University is hosting the 78th Executive Council Meeting of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IGUS) this week.

14 February, 2023

Professor Roger Woods has received a prestigious Engineering Excellence Award from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Lanyon in slight shade
Science | 30 November, 2022

Queen’s University Belfast researchers are part of a European project which has been given a major funding boost of €3m to develop a user-ready plasma accelerator facility.

The Lanyon at night
Sustainability | 25 November, 2022

Queen’s University Belfast researchers have been featured in a digital series examining how the IT industry is responding to the climate crisis.

Science | 25 November, 2022

Researchers at Queen’s University have joined an £2.3million international project which will investigate the fundamental nature of gravity.

18 November, 2022

A Queen’s University Belfast researcher has been awarded a prestigious fellowship for her work in creating natural materials to help repair bone fractures.

KTP Future Leaders Award
UNIVERSITY NEWS | 14 November, 2022

Queen’s University KTP Associate and expert in civil engineering and materials science, Catherine Campbell, has been crowned a ‘Future Leader’ at the national KTP Awards.

11 November, 2022

Predicting the potential of renewable wave energy and producing greener biofuels is faster and more accurate than ever before, thanks to a £5m state-of-the-art national supercomputer, which has been launched at Queen’s University Belfast.

10 November, 2022

A new energy lab has officially opened at Queen’s University Belfast, inspiring the next generation of engineering students to help deliver a carbon net-zero future for Northern Ireland’s electricity needs.

Science | 2 November, 2022

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast are calling on amateur astronomers, science enthusiasts and families across Northern Ireland to join together to help find a new name for a distant star and planet.

The Lanyon at night
26 October, 2022

A Queen’s University Belfast academic has won a Philip Leverhulme Prize for his exceptional research.

26 October, 2022

Queen’s University Belfast researchers are part of a new international research group who have been awarded £9m to look at how neutron star mergers create heavy elements.

Group of men and one woman smiling together
UNIVERSITY NEWS | 25 October, 2022

Developing new technologies and increasing cohesive support for innovation across all sectors of advanced manufacturing is vital for Northern Ireland to be more competitive on the global stage according to a report published today.

HEALTH | 21 October, 2021

Scientists from Queen’s University Belfast have developed a computer-aided data tool that could improve treatment for a range of illnesses.

18 October, 2022

Households could save £1.20 a day and more than £400 a year on electricity bills if clocks are not put back at the end of October, according to a Queen’s University Belfast expert.

Toddlers and Tech
EDUCATION | 5 October, 2022

Digital technology, including smartphones, iPads, tablets, digital TV, is now part of most very young children’s everyday lives in their family homes.

28 September, 2022

Dogs can smell stress from human sweat and breath, a new study by Queen’s University Belfast researchers has found.

Science | 26 September, 2022

A Queen’s University Belfast Professor has said NASA’s DART mission – which will see a spacecraft deliberately crashed into an asteroid tonight – will give us our first proof that technology can prevent a small asteroid hitting Earth.

21 September, 2022

Professor Roger Woods from Queen’s University Belfast is among 72 of the UK’s most prominent engineering and technology experts elected as a Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow.

Science | 9 September, 2022

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have developed a ground-breaking plastic film that can kill viruses that land on its surface with room light.

Lanyon in slight shade
Society | 7 September, 2022

More research is needed on the psychological wellbeing of children, partners, and families of UK veterans if they are to be fully supported, a new study has revealed.

26 August, 2022

Researchers have used a 110-year-old experiment to crack a scientific mystery which could now help to revolutionise the tiny electronic circuits that control everything from coffee machines to medical implants.

Psychology | 22 August, 2022

Classical music and audio books do not help pet dogs to relax when they are separated from their owners, a study by Queen’s University Belfast has found.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
19 August, 2022

Manufacturing companies from across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have the opportunity to take part in a series of fully funded workshops to introduce the technologies, tools and techniques of Industry 4.0 in their workplace.

9 June, 2022

Some of the heavy elements in the Universe have been identified by researchers who have been analysing the results of a neutron star collision.

GRADUATION | 6 July, 2022

The first CEO of the UK National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin, is receiving a Doctor of Science in Engineering for distinction in engineering today.

GRADUATION | 6 July, 2022

The first ever cohort of PwC Technology Degree Apprentices are celebrating as they graduate from Queen’s University Belfast today.

GRADUATION | 4 July, 2022

Samirah Binte Mohd Amir, a psychology student at Queen’s University, faced many health issues while studying for her degree but with determination to succeed, she is now being awarded a First-Class degree.

GRADUATION | 1 July, 2022

It is double celebration for siblings Mary and Roy Elliott as they both graduate with degrees from the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen’s.

2 x children playing
PSYCHOLOGY | 30 June, 2022

Children begin to identify with religious and political symbols from as early as the age of five, according to research by Queen’s University Belfast.

23 June, 2022

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast plan to test drinking water in 300 Belfast homes for lead contamination after a small study detected elevated levels.

21 June, 2022

A new prototype sensor that provides an early warning signal if a bridge is at risk of scour – the number one cause of bridge collapse globally – has been developed by a Queen’s University Belfast researcher.

21 June, 2022

Geothermal energy could be the “invisible key” to unlock new energy sources and help meet net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to Queen’s University Belfast researchers.

Technology | 8 June, 2022

The leading authority for cyber security in the UK has recognised Queen’s University Belfast for its high standard of cyber security education.

Blue Hued computer interior showing chips and transistors
Sustainability | 18 October, 2021

Computer hardware needs to be transformed to become more like the human brain if we are to lower greenhouse gas emissions and avoid future water shortages, a Queen’s University Belfast expert has said.

9 May, 2022

Turning livestock manure and grass silage into biomethane could help to meet demand for energy as well as significantly reducing Northern Ireland’s carbon footprint, researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have found.

Sustainability | 28 April, 2022

A seemingly remote community in Northern Ireland was able to survive a millennium of environmental change by adapting social conditions to remain resilient, researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have found.

Sustainability | 9 November, 2021

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have been interviewing people across the region to try to crack the puzzle of why some people recycle and others don’t.

ENVIRONMENT | 31 March, 2022

England’s last mountain hare population in the Peak District, is now at low densities across most of the uplands, states new research.

15 March, 2022

Researchers are warning that permafrost peatlands in Europe and Western Siberia are much closer to a climatic tipping point than was previously believed.

Technology | 17 May, 2022

A new £58 million Global Innovation Institute (GII) is on course to open in Belfast by 2025.

Society | 10 May, 2022

Mental health is a key factor in people’s ability to manage their personal debt by following debt advice, according to newly published research.

HEALTH | 9 March, 2022

Health Minister Robin Swann and Minister for Infrastructure Nichola Mallon today officially launched a major initiative in Belfast that will provide an early warning alert to any upsurge or new variants in relation to the COVID-19 virus.

Space | 1 March, 2022

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are set to play a key role in developing new technology that is suitable for future UK space missions.

Psychology | 2 March, 2022

New research has shown that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be used effectively to improve the quality of life and mood of people living with chronic muscle disorders like Muscular Dystrophy (MD).

Science | 2 March, 2022

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have discovered the bone of a 68-million-year-old Russian dinosaur that had broken its wrist, most likely from running or jumping over rough terrain in search of food or water.

Sustainability | 22 February, 2022

“Working together on climate issues is the way to secure our future” – this was the message from a group of business leaders and academics as they met to discuss the way forward for Net Zero.

Technology | 10 February, 2022

Queen’s University Belfast has joined a prestigious network of cybersecurity scientists who are working to strengthen Rolls-Royce’s response to cyber threats.

HEALTH | 8 February, 2022

A new public resource, developed by Queen’s University Belfast and the Public Health Agency (PHA), has been launched today.

Technology | 7 February, 2022

Queen’s University Belfast has been named as one of the first-ever successful recipients of The Alan Turing Institute’s Network Development Awards.

Health | 28 January, 2022

A psychological intervention can prevent mental disorders among refugees facing hard times, new research has found.

Science | 27 January, 2022

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast have invented a tiny indicator that changes colour if a patient’s wound shows early signs of infection.

24 January, 2022

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons has announced that Queen’s and NVIDIA will invest £5.4million in a joint Research and Development (R&D) project with the aim to accelerate artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber security research in NI.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Sustainability | 21 December, 2021

Queen's University Belfast is part of a new consortium of leading businesses and academics, which has been formed to explore and develop deep geothermal energy projects in Northern Ireland.

Sustainability | 20 December, 2021

A group of leading industry experts, government representatives and academics have been funded more than £600k to develop skills and strategies to help deliver a Net Zero future.

Graduation | 16 December, 2021

Martin Ryan from Newry is celebrating as he marks his graduation from Queen’s University Belfast with a First Class Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, despite battling depression and losing his father.

13 May, 2022

An electronic engineering Professor at Queen’s University Belfast has been elected as a new Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), which is the highest recognition of scientific endeavour in the UK.

The Lanyon Building
Society | 9 December, 2021

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast will play an integral role in a UK-wide study which aims to understand the factors affecting the mental health and wellbeing of Armed Forces veteran families.

Graduation | 10 December, 2021

25-year-old Karthik Kumar is set to graduate with a Master's in Electronics with Professional Internship from Queen’s.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
9 December, 2021

It’s double celebrations for inspirational student Sinead Murray as she graduates with a Master’s in Applied Developmental Psychology, as well as securing a job with UNICEF in Kenya.

10 December, 2021

Jenni Walsh will be awarded a Master’s in Software Development from the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science on Friday 10 December.

HEALTH | 11 November, 2021

Mind Matters has won the PsychSoc or Student Psychiatry Society of the Year Award at the 2021 Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) Awards, which are held annually to recognise excellence within psychiatry.

Society | 5 November, 2021

Study finds blocking or hiding facial movement can affect sharing of emotions and social interaction

Science | 19 October, 2021

Astronomers at Queen’s University Belfast have launched a new online initiative, calling for volunteers to come forward and help to search for extrasolar planets.

Engineering | 14 October, 2021

Queen's University Belfast is today celebrating the relaunch of the Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering Centre (NIACE), which is integral to the 10x Economy Plan for Northern Ireland.

Research news | 7 October, 2021

A group of experts at Queen’s University Belfast have been using mathematical modelling to track the course of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland so that preparations can be made for future variants and diseases.

Science | 5 October, 2021

The fiery and inferno-like exoplanet WASP-76b, an ultra-hot Jupiter, may be even more sizzling than scientists thought.

Technology | 4 October, 2021

A new £500k digital testbed, which will create a “step change” in smart manufacturing, is being built at Queen’s University to help develop new technologies and grow market opportunities for businesses.

PSYCHOLOGY | 26 December, 2020

Goalies beaten by free kicks in football matches over the festive period this year might try using newly published scientific research from Queen’s University Belfast to fend off criticism of their talent.

UNIVERSITY NEWS | 1 September, 2021

Queen’s University Belfast is offering over 800 free places to upskill and retrain people across a range of priority economic areas through postgraduate certificates, postgraduate diplomas and shorter courses.

UNIVERSITY NEWS | 24 August, 2021

Dr Aidan McGowan, a senior lecturer in Computer Science at Queen’s, has been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship 2021.

Lanyon Building, Queen's University
PSYCHOLOGY | 13 August, 2021

Health Minister Robin Swann has announced the commissioning of two additional training places per year on the postgraduate Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programme provided at Queen’s University Belfast.

SCIENCE | 12 August, 2021

Queen’s University Belfast is playing a key role in ensuring that people across the world can view the first inventory of the Universe recorded by the world’s largest digital camera.

SCIENCE | 3 August, 2021

Experts at Queen’s University Belfast are calling for scientific, engineering, industrial and political communities to join forces and take quantum experiments to space.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
30 July, 2021

CanStaging⁺, a user-friendly tool aimed at facilitating the recording of comparable cancer staging data worldwide, has been launched.

SCIENCE | 29 July, 2021

Archaeology students at Queen’s University Belfast have discovered prehistoric artefacts which date back to the Middle Neolithic era on the grounds of Stranmillis University College during a training excavation.

Paddy Martin
GRADUATION | 28 July, 2021

Dedicated student volunteer Paddy Martin is celebrating as he graduates today (28 July) with an MEng Chemical Engineering from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Queen’s.

Aislinn McAleenan
GRADUATION | 23 July, 2021

Aislinn McAleenan is graduating today (23 July) with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD opportunity to continue developing a robot which could revolutionise eye surgery.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
TECHNOLOGY | 22 July, 2021

Queen’s University Belfast has an integral role in a Northern Ireland nano technology consortium, which has been awarded £60m to develop new technology for medical devices, communication and data storage.

UNIVERSITY NEWS | 14 July, 2021

Queen’s University Belfast has welcomed funding from the NIO’s Centenary Fund designed to help students less likely to access a university education.

Stormy clouds on Jupiter
SCIENCE | 28 June, 2021

Jupiter’s clouds have water conditions that would allow Earth-like life to exist, but this isn’t possible in Venus’ clouds, according to the groundbreaking finding of new research led by a Queen’s University Belfast scientist.

HEALTH | 22 June, 2022

Queen’s University is part of a new research initiative which will train PhD students with the aim of identifying and preventing psychosis in young people.

Science | 24 June, 2021

The first-ever manufacturing ‘cyber seed’ which grows just like a plant and produces innovative designs for products ranging from aircraft parts to medical devices has been conceptualised by researchers – and now it is being brought to life.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | 17 June, 2021

Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University are bringing together world class experts to deliver help deliver a research and engineering programme for the new £40million Advanced Research and Engineering Centre (ARC) in Northern Ireland.

Science | 10 June, 2021

A plastic device that could radically reduce the risks and complications of treating coronary heart disease, is being co-developed by scientists at Queen’s University Belfast.

Science | 10 June, 2021

World-leading researchers at Queen’s are collaborating with industry experts to develop the next generation of single and double deck hydrogen buses, helping in the global fight against climate change.

Diane Dodds_Lanyon
UNIVERSITY NEWS | 31 May, 2021

The Department for the Economy has announced the provision of £1.8m worth of funding as part of its Economic Recovery Action Plan which will create 100 Master’s places across Queen’s and Ulster University.

Science | 25 May, 2021

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast are part of an international research team which has made an exciting new discovery of how magnetic waves can help to heat the Sun.

Technology | 20 May, 2021

A new Edge Computing Hub, based at Queen's University Belfast, aims to unlock the scientific and societal opportunities in the next Internet frontier, Edge computing.

Psychology | 20 May, 2021

Teachers grading their students’ work may be influenced by their perceptions of the students’ personalities, according to the findings of an international research collaboration

SoS Brandon Lewis_ECIT Summit
TECHNOLOGY | 18 May, 2021

A report launched at the Secure Connected Intelligence Summit, taking place this week at Queen’s (18-20 May) shows that Northern Ireland’s cyber sector now employs 2,300 people across 104 companies, generating £110m in salaries each year.


An international collaboration of astronomers led by Queen’s University Belfast has discovered a new chemical signature in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet, a planet that orbits a star other than the sun.

HEALTH | 23 April, 2021

A research report launched today shows that over a third of veterans (36%) living in Northern Ireland who responded to a survey about their mental health and wellbeing are likely to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

TECHNOLOGY | 26 March, 2021

Queen’s University Belfast and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) today (Friday, 26 March) welcomed the new CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Lindy Cameron, CB OBE, at a joint virtual event.

Computer science building

Two researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast have been awarded prestigious fellowships from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) worth a total of £1.1m.

HEALTH | 22 March, 2021

A collaboration between researchers at Queen’s University and industry experts, Almac Sciences, a member of the Almac Group, has been supported by more than £2 million of funding to accelerate a programme of biocatalyst research and development.

Wellcome-Wolffson building
HEALTH | 9 March, 2021

Staff skilled in using supercomputers at Queen’s University Belfast are supporting top scientists to track the spread of COVID-19 and discover new variants which may help the virus to evade vaccines.

Georgios Karakonstantis
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | 19 February, 2021

Developments in smart technologies are set to create many new job opportunities over the next decade and pupils and their parents can find about them from an award-winning Queen’s University Belfast science communicator at a free online event.

Professor Cherie Armour
SOCIETY | 8 February, 2021

Academics at Queen’s University Belfast have been awarded funding of over £400,000 to lead research into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) responses to armed conflict in Colombia.

SCIENCE | 12 February, 2021

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have explored the reliability and limitations of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in predicting the global solar magnetic field.

TECHNOLOGY | 10 February, 2021

Queen’s University Belfast has been named as one of the UK’s first Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Education (ACE-CSE).

Leverhulme Scholarships
SOCIETY & TECHNOLOGY | 5 February, 2021

Thirty funded doctoral scholarships announced by Queen’s University Belfast are set to provide a unique opportunity to explore the challenges of Artificial intelligence (AI) for every area of science and society.

STEM | 1 February, 2021

A Queen’s University Belfast study looking at how to reduce negative attitudes towards gender initiatives in STEM has found that they receive better support when their impact is effectively communicated.

CEO of Ampliphae Trevor Graham and Dr Philip OKane from the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queens University Belfast
TECHNOLOGY | 18 January, 2021

New software to tackle cybersecurity risks increased by remote working has been developed through a partnership between Queen’s University Belfast and Belfast-based tech company Ampliphae.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
UNIVERSITY NEWS | 8 January, 2021

A Queen’s University astronomer has been announced as the winner of a prestigious award from the Royal Astronomical Society.

Society | 2 September, 2021

A certain type of smile can help to restore trust in relationships after someone has been uncooperative or untrustworthy, according to new research by Queen’s University Belfast.

ECIT visit by Chancellor of the Exchequer
UNIVERSITY NEWS | 10 August, 2022

Nadhim Zahawi, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has visited Queen’s University to celebrate Northern Ireland’s exceptionally strong cybersecurity sector.

Wind turbines

Queen’s University Belfast was today named part of a high-level, government-backed, £5 million research network designed to jumpstart the UK agrifood industry’s journey to carbon Net Zero.

GRADUATION | 7 July, 2022

Inspirational Master’s student Peter Gillan is getting ready to celebrate in style this week as he graduates First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering.