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Helpful tips

Setting up

Find a quiet room with soft furnishings to reduce echo

Turn off anything that might make noise in the background i.e. dishwasher, washing machine. Close all unnecessary programs on the computer, especially ones that give you notifications. If possible use an external microphone, but be sure not to touch or move the mic during recording. Do a quick test with your screen recorder to make sure everything shows up as expected.

Recording and saving

Your video should be 5-10 minutes long. Firstly tell us about yourself and why you love or don’t love maths. If it's easier, you can record in 3-4 minute sections and put them together later. If you are feeling digitally adventurous you can use some free video maker apps to include graphics or music to your video.

Sites like can help you piece together your video from smaller clips. Save in a compressed format like MP4. Watch your recording back to ensure you are happy with it. Then use the 'send us your video' button below and we will make it available to home-schooling families everywhere! Your video might not work out first time, please don’t be disheartened and keep trying.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are some highlights from the current primary school curriculum 


Language and Literacy

planning work

presenting outcomes

The Arts

patterns and shapes

musical notation skills

creating pictures and models

The world around us



space estimation

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

learning to use calculator

ICT basic programming

estimating group size

Physical Education

use number and shape and space for movement

measures and data to enhance quality of movement

collect analyse and interpret data, pulse

Maths Skills


basic fractions



recognising money and coin value

units for length, weight, capacity area and time

enter and access data from tables

telling the time

2d and 3d shapes

measure and draw angles

graphs and diagrams

understanding basic probability


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