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"We strive together for improvement and innovation, looking ahead to see the bigger picture"

Our Staff Stories

Hear from a colleague on what Ambition means to them.

“The support I received at Queen’s really helped to build my confidence to apply for my current Lectureship role. It also meant that I was able to focus more on the areas I wanted to research in, and that support is what brought me to where I am today.“

Linda Oyama, School of Biological Sciences

Ambition Behaviours – Practical Application

I demonstrate Ambition when I...

  • am solution-focused and proactively address issues​
  • strive for continuous improvement and innovation to deliver the best outcomes​
  • am committed to seeking out personal development of self and others
  • look beyond individual role and see the bigger picture
  • embrace and respond to change in a constructive way
  • share knowledge, expertise and best practice with others

I do not demonstrate Ambition when I…

  • do things the way they always have been done without challenge
  • put obstacles in the way of innovation
  • block change and fail to build on ideas for improvement​