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"We strive for excellence within ourselves and others, providing solutions to new and existing challenges"

Our Staff Stories

Hear from a colleague on what Excellence means to them.

“We really challenged our normal approach to things, and we really showed how we can be adaptive and responsive to change when we come together.“

Jenny Brown, Academic Affairs

Excellence Behaviours – Practical Application

I demonstrate Excellence when I...

  • always strive to do my best, encouraging others to do the same​
  • take pride in my work and am committed to high standards
  • constructively challenge the status quo and be adaptive and responsive to change​
  • reward, recognise and celebrate achievements
  • seek and provide constructive feedback
  • have a positive "can do" attitude

I do not demonstrate Excellence when I…

  • create barriers that prevent delivery of a high standard of work​
  • accept underperformance of self and others
  • lack purpose and commitment to achieving goals