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Climate Change Experts

From unearthing the health implications of climate change to developing drought-tolerant crops, our experts are improving our understanding and developing ways to mitigate or adapt to climate change and sustainability.

Photo: Professor Jaimie Dick

School of Biological Sciences

Invasive alien species and their impacts e.g. ecological, environmental, economic, agricultural, freshwater, marine, terrestrial, effects on sustainability and synergy with climate change.

Expertise: Invasive alien species and their impacts e.g. ecological, environmental, economic, agricultural, freshwater, marine, terrestrial, effects on sustainability and synergy with climate change

Photo: Dr Andrew Newton

School of Natural and Built Environment (NBE)

His main research interests focus broadly on high latitude/altitude settings. This work typically focuses on integrating geomorphological and stratigraphic information from offshore 3D and 2D seismic data, borehole/core data, and remote sensing of land areas.

Expertise: glaciology, geology and geophysics, climate change of ice sheets, glaciers, sea/lake/river ice, the energy transition, carbon capture and storage

Photo: Dr Theodor Cojoianu

Queen's Management School

Dr Cojoianu’s research is at the intersection between data science, finance and sustainable development and informs timely insights towards the achievement of sustainable development outcomes.

Expertise: Sustainable banking and finance, financial data science, sustainable finance policy, green innovation, sustainable asset owners, climate

Photo: Dr Haresh Manyar

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Dr Manyar's research interests are in the area of heterogeneous Catalysis and Green Chemical Processes with projects in Energy, biofuels, fuel additives and renewable chemicals.

Expertise: Sustainable energy, production of biofuels and renewable chemicals through valorisation of waste biomass and CO2 capture and conversion, climate

Photo: Professor Mark Emmerson

School of Biological Sciences

His work focusses on the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, the drivers of biodiversity change and the consequences of biodiversity loss for ecosystem stability.

Expertise: Biodiversity and its interplay with climate, Nature, Resilience and Nature based Solutions, Climate

Photo: Professor Graeme Swindles

School of Natural and Built Environment (NBE)

Professor Swindles has broad research interests in Earth System Science and works on topics concerning both past, present and future climate and environmental change. He has particular interests in global peatland dynamics, peatlands as nature-based climate solutions and the response of arctic ecosystems to climate warming.

Expertise: Climate change, nature-based climate solutions, peatlands, earth system science, arctic

Photo: Dr Madjid Karimirad

School of Natural and Built Environment (NBE)

Dr Madjid Karimirad is carrying out research on analysis, testing, development and design of offshore renewable energy structures. This covers offshore wind turbines both floating and bottom-fixed, wave energy converters, tidal turbines as well as floating solar units. 

Expertise: Assessment and Analysis of Offshore Renewable Energy, Marine Structures, Floating Wind Turbines, Floating Solar, Offshore Wind, climate

Photo: Dr Donal Mullan

School of Natural and Built Environment (NBE)

Dr Mullan's research focuses on the development of regional and site-specific future climate change scenarios using statistical downscaling techniques, and their application to a wide range of environmental and socio-economic impact sectors.

Expertise: climate modelling; future climate scenarios; climate change impacts

Photo: Dr Aoife Foley

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr Foley's areas of expertise are under the ‘Clean Energies’ theme; wind power integration, power and gas systems and transport electrification.

Expertise: Renewable energy technology integration (e.g., wind, electric vehicles, smart meters), power system innovation, emissions and energy system markets and smart cities, climate