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Moving in

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Important / Key Dates 2023-24

Accommodation portfolio and prices published on website Jan 2024
Online Application opens Feb 2024
International/GB/ROI students to be guaranteed accommodation
Application to be submitted by 30 Jun 2024
A-Level Results Day 15 Aug 2024
Allocations commence 15 Aug 2024
Erasmus and Study Abroad students to be guaranteed accommodation
Sept 2024 Arrival, applications submitted by 1 Aug 2024
Jan 2024 Arrival, applications submitted by 30 Nov 2023

40, 44 and 48-week contract start date

51-week contract start date TBC


Your e-induction is a compulsory exercise which you must complete prior to arrival.

It explains how things work in accommodation, introduces you to the department and the different teams and makes you aware how things work and what we expect from you whilst living in university accommodation. 

It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to read and complete a few short questions at the end of each section.  Once it is completed, your accommodation profile is updated and allows you to book an arrival slot and / or check in to your accommodation. 

If the e-induction is NOT complete prior to arrival, you will not be permitted to check-in to your accommodation.  There will also be a mandatory induction with the Residential Life Team after you arrive.  Your Residential Assistant will organise a floor meeting which will cover the important aspects of living in accommodation as well as meeting your fellow housemates.

Student sitting on her bed in Queens accommodation


All Queen's Accommodation is furnished with a bed, a wardrobe with hanging rail and shelving, a desk and chair, waste bin, window covering and desk lighting. 

However you will need to bring some small items to truly make it your home. Supplies are cheaply and readily available locally. If you need anything else, regular bus trips to local supermarkets and Ikea will be arranged shortly after check-in by our Residential Life Team. 

Cooking is not permitted in bedrooms. We provide kettles, toasters, freezers, fridges, cookers and microwaves in all kitchens. Medical fridges are available upon request (please indicate on your online accommodation application if you require a medical fridge).  

  • What To Bring with You 

    Bedding and kitchen packs can be ordered prior to arrival for delivery to your accommodation - please click here to order.

    We suggest that you can purchase these items when you arrive to your accommodation.  

    • Washing detergent for laundry and dishes
    • Towels and dish drying towels
    • Clothes hangers
    • Crockery, cutlery, saucepans and bed linen (can be ordered prior to arrival for delivery to your accommodation)
    • Hairdryer and toiletries 

    If you are bringing any electrical equipment with you, please note the following:  

    • Ensure electrical equipment you are bringing is safe and has a rating of less than 1000 Watts
    • Plugs in UK have three pins
    • Adapters can be purchased in the airport or in local shops when you arrive
    • Portable appliance testing (PAT) – we arrange times for you to bring your electrical equipment to be tested for safety after your arrival to accommodation. The PAT policy and procedure can be found here.
  • Items not to bring as these are prohibited:
    • Electric heaters or electric blankets
    • Loudspeakers
    • Candles or incense
    • Electrical multi-socket extension leads
    • Animals, reptiles, fish or insects
    • If possible, hairdryers or other electrical items over 1000 watts
    • Knives, catapults, cylinders of gas, chemicals or biological substances, replica guns, laser guns, air guns, water pistols, water bombs, fireworks 
    • E-scooters
    • E-bikes (please note the charging of these are not permitted in University buildings)
  • Electrical Appliances

    You're welcome to bring small electrical appliances that are in good working order. If you're bringing them from outside the UK, that means fitting your plugs with three-pin adaptors that comply with the British electrical system (230V, 50Hz) and British Standard BS 1363. Extension leads are fine to use, as long as they're not overloaded, but block plug adaptors are not permitted.  

    Laptops, printers and small electrical appliances such as small lamps or alarm radios are all welcome, as long as they’re fitted with plugs or adaptors that are compatible with the UK electrical system.  Please do not bring any e-scooters, e-cigarette chargers, electric heaters (including any halogen equipment) or air conditioners as they are not permitted in accommodation. 

  • Storage

    Storage space is limited so don’t bring too many belongings with you as everything is available locally. Please remember, you are sharing fridge and freezer space so plan your shopping accordingly. Storage for luggage is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Arrival slots

    Students from NI and ROI will book an arrival slot once they complete the e-induction.


You are legally obliged to pay fees throughout the period of your contract. If you select to pay your fees by direct debit, you will need to set up a UK bank account and ensure that it allows direct debits i.e. a student account. If required for opening a UK Bank Account a proof of residency letter can be provided via your reception.

Failure to engage with the residential fees team to settle outstanding debt may result in access to your bedroom being denied. Continued failure to engage with the team will result in you being asked to leave Queen’s Accommodation and you will still be liable for the full cost of your contract. 

For more information on Residential Fees please email:  

Rent Payment Dates 2023/2024

3 DD’s – 1 November, 1 February, 1 May
7 DD’s – 1 November – 1 May (inclusive)
2 instalments – 50% on or before arrival and balance by 1 February
1 instalment & 3 DD’s – 25 % on or before arrival and 3 DD’s on 1 January, February and March