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Queen's University Belfast Obituaries

If you would like to submit an obituary for a Queen's graduate, or a former member of University staff, please send it to

The following obituaries and appreciations have been supplied by family members, friends or associates of the deceased since 01 January 2023, and are published in good faith:

Clarence Harry Rickards, Dip
Dr Hugh Raymond McGaughey, MD
William Gray, BSc
We have also been advised since 1 January 2023 of the passing of the following graduates and former staff members:

Herbert McCracken, LLB 1949
James McCann, BEd 1971
Vicki Kennedy, BA 1971
Edwin Campbell, MBA 1988
Dr. Claire Morrison, MD 1956
Maureen Corr, BComSc 1943
Walter Condy, BSc 1942
Dr. Benson Swain, MD 1947
Gladys Condy, BA 1942
Evelyn Warwick, BSc 2008
Eleonore Arthurs, BA 1973
Dr. David Figgins, BSc 1953, DSc(Eng) 2006
Dr. Robert Jordan, MA 1970, PhD 1997
Dr. Marie O'Reilly, PhD 1982
Edna McNeilly, BEd 1981, BA 1997
James Hume, BSc 1972
Dr. Ivor Johnston, BSc 1982, MSc 1982, PhD 1985
Natalie McNally, LLB 2013, MSc 2017
Dr. Ronald Armstrong, MB 1955
Dr. Arthur Kingston, PhD 1960
Julie Lamont, BSc 1988
Dr. Robert Howard, MD BCh BAO 1957
Seamus O'Brien, BSc 1964
Alwyn Buchanan, BSc 1995
Dr. Liam Scott, MB 1970
Letitia Moffitt, BLS 1977
Patrick Mcparland, BEd 1980
Thomas Harte, BA 1974
Thomas Pollock, BSc 1949
William Sisk, MEd 2001
Dr. Katheen Irvine, MBE 1954
Dr. William Graham, BSc 1951, PhD 1954
Isabella Hainsworth, BA 1925
Jean Alderton, BA 1956
Dr. Margaret Knox, MB 1967
George Hunter, BSc 1968, MSc 1970
Dr. William Eakins, MB 1957
Thomas Patterson, BSc 1953
Rosaleen Ritchie, BEd 1975
Stirling Wisener, BSc 1952, Dip-Ed 1965
Dr. Anthony (Tony) Watson, BSc 1967, DSc 2012
Kenneth Montgomery, OBE, DMus 2010
Ivor McAteer KC, LLB 1989
John Simpson, OBE, BSc(Econ) 1954