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Brexit Expertise

Brexit Experts

Academics from Queen’s have many years’ experience of researching European integration and its impact on such policy areas as: agriculture and rural development; border issues; the Brexit process and constitutional issues; competition policy; economic and social affairs; employment and social affairs; environmental affairs, health; human rights and legal affairs.

Professor Katy Hayward

Professor of Political Sociology
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Impact of EU membership on Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Impact of the EU on cross-border relations and the NI peace process
  • Border security/cooperation and scenarios for post-Brexit border management
  • Technologies of border security and customs controls

Professor David Phinnemore

Professor of European Politics
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Article 50 negotiation process
  • Negotiation position of the EU-27 and the EU institutions
  • Implications and position of Northern Ireland/island of Ireland in the Brexit process
  • UK government policy development

Professor Lee McGowan

Professor of Contemporary European Politics
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Institutions and policy making in the EU
  • Northern Ireland as a region of the EU
  • European integration history and theory
  • Political populism and the rise of the far right in Europe
  • Antitrust/competition policy

Professor Colin Harvey

Professor of Human Rights Law
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Human rights
  • Equality law
  • Constitutional law
  • Migration and Asylum

Professor Christopher McCrudden

Professor of Human Rights and Equality Law
Areas of Research Excellence
  • European Union Law
  • Human rights in Northern Ireland
  • European Economic Area

Professor Cathal McCall

Professor of European Politics and Borders
Areas of Research Excellence
  • EU borders
  • Ireland’s and Britain’s borders
  • Cross-border cooperation and security

Dr Viviane Gravey

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Environmental policy
  • Agricultural policy
  • New governance arrangements

Dr Graham Brownlow

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Brexit and the political economy of Britain and Ireland
  • Long-run economic development of Northern Ireland
  • Productivity, supply-side reform and the UK economy
  • Economic policy issues such as fiscal decentralisation and migration