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Queen's on Brexit

Brexit: Insight and Analysis

Informed by years of internationally-recognised research excellence, Queen’s on Brexit brings together leading academics from Queen’s University who can provide an authoritative voice on the Brexit process, many policy areas affected by Brexit, and the subsequent impact on Northern Ireland, the island of Ireland, the UK and the EU-27.

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The coast of Ireland at the Irish Sea
Border issues

Irish Sea Border: The Fallout

February 2021 - Northern Ireland has a new post-Brexit trade border in the Irish Sea which unionists want scrapped, but some businesses spot opportunity. Jim Fitzpatrick examines the politics and the economics.

Dr Marek Martyiszyn
BBC Spotlight

Cliffs of Moher
Border issues

COVID and Brexit Have Pushed Northern Ireland Further Away From the UK

February 2021 - Brexit has fundamentally changed the nature of the union, with recent polling suggests that a united Ireland is closer than ever.

Professor John Garry

Border Sign
Border issues

Northern Ireland Brexit Roundtable

February 2021 - Northern Ireland has been handed a different set of rules to deal with Brexit compared to the rest of the UK. And already the so-called border in the Irish Sea is causing friction.

Professor David Phinnemore
TRT World

Brexit: Advice for Staff and Students

As we approach the scheduled date of the UK’s departure from the EU on 31 January 2020, there remains a significant level of uncertainty around the UK’s exit and the future shape of UK-EU relations. A dedicated website has been established to provide information and support to both staff and students and to help keep you up to date with the latest developments in the Brexit negotiations.

Brexit: Advice for Staff and Students