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Brexit: Advice for Staff and Students

As we approach the scheduled date of the UK’s departure from the EU on 31 October 2019, there remains a significant level of uncertainty around the UK’s exit and the future shape of UK-EU relations. A dedicated website has been established to provide information and support to both staff and students and to help keep you up to date with the latest developments in the Brexit negotiations.

Brexit: Advice for Staff and Students

Brexit: Insight and Analysis

Informed by years of internationally-recognised research excellence, Queen’s on Brexit brings together leading academics from Queen’s University who can provide an authoritative voice on the Brexit process, the many policy areas affected by Brexit, and the subsequent impact on Northern Ireland, the island of Ireland, the UK and the EU-27.

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Our Experts

Protestors wielding placards against a hard border in Ireland
Border issues

The Border into Brexit Survey

October 2019 - The summary of the interim findings of this round, ‘The Border Into Brexit: Perspectives from local communities in the Central Border Region of Ireland/Northern Ireland’.

Dr Katy Hayward
Queen's University Belfast

Parliament buildings at Stormont
Border issues

1,000 days with no Stormont

October 2019 - Northern Ireland has now been without a government for 1,000 days. How long it will be before a new Northern Ireland Executive is established and the Northern Ireland Assembly convenes again is anybody’s guess.

Professor David Phinnemore
The UK in a Changing Europe

The coast of Ireland at the Irish Sea
Border issues

Breached or protected? The principle of consent in NI and the UK government’s Brexit proposals

October 2019 - The UK government published a policy paper this week that attempts to counter unionist concerns about the Withdrawal Agreement and its potential impact on Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom.

Professor David Phinnemore and Dr Katy Hayward
LSE Blog

Silhouette of the Lanyon building tower

Research Activity

As an institution, Queen’s has a long-standing history of research into European integration, with our academics offering key insight into the work of several high-profile Brexit research projects.

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