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Queen’s University is committed to ensuring a high quality educational and pastoral experience for its students, supported by appropriate academic, administrative and welfare support services and facilities.

There will, however, be occasions when individuals feel dissatisfied with the teaching and learning, facilities or services provided by the University, or with the way the University or its staff have acted or omitted to act.

This website provides details on how the University considers such complaints and academic appeals, from early consideration through to formal resolution and review, together with information on how to make a submission under each stage.

Academic Appeals

A request for a review of a decision on student progression, assessments and awards.

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Academic Offences

Any act whereby a student gains or attempts to gain an unfair advantage and includes cheating, plagiarism, duplication, fabrication and collusion.

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Conduct and Discipline

Behaviour/activities which breach University regulations, policies or procedures or which may adversely affect the University, staff, students or the community.

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Complaints Procedure

An expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of service, action or lack of action by the University.

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Admissions and Access

The Admissions and Access Service ‘Admissions Appeals and Complaints Procedures’ can be found with the relevant Admissions Policy at:

» Undergraduate Admissions Policy

» Postgraduate Admissions Policy

Strategic Marketing and Communications

If a student wishes to make a complaint regarding claims/statements made in marketing/advertising that they subsequently believe are not accurate, they should follow the Student Complaints Procedure at:

» Student Complaints Procedure



Public Engagement

For the Community Engagement area, the links to all current complaints procedures relating to students (Community Engagement use the DASA complaints procedure/conduct regulations). 

Please note these are generally complaints against students rather than by students, however we do have instances were a complaint is made by a fellow student, along with the General Public/local residents:

» General University Link for DASA

» Public Engagement Link


Domestic Recruitment and Events

The Admissions Appeals and Complaints procedures apply.


International Office

The Admissions Appeals and Complaints procedures apply.


Students' Union

The Students' Union Complaints Procedure can be found at:

 » Students' Union Complaints Procedure.


Student Plus - Eventus, Culture and Arts Complaints Policy

The Student Plus – Eventus, Culture and Arts Complaints Policy can be found at:

» Complaints Policy.



The Library Policy on Customer Feedback can be found at:

» Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy.