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NTFS and CATE Awards

National Teaching Fellowship Scheme and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence 2024

Advance HE has opened this year’s National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) with submission deadlines of 13 March 2024 and 6 March 2024 respectively.  Some general feedback from Advance HE on the applications received to NTFS 2023 and CATE 2023, are provided to inform the development of this year's applications.

The NTFS recognises, rewards and celebrates individuals working in UK higher education who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession.

In 2024, the University can nominate up to three individual members of staff who teach and/or support learning in higher education for the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme. The NTFS 2024 Guidance document provides details about the Scheme and the criteria.

The CATE recognises and celebrates collaborative work that has had a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning. The Scheme highlights the key role that teamwork plays in higher education. Each award will recognise a team which has enabled a change in practice for colleagues and/or students at an institutional or discipline level.

The University can nominate one Core Team (between 3 and 15 key members) that can clearly demonstrate impact on teaching and learning through collaboration.

Each team should demonstrate direct engagement with higher education students. Although there is no requirement for students to be members of the team, a team should clearly demonstrate how students are directly engaged in their work. The CATE 2024 Guidance provides details about the Scheme and the criteria.

To apply to go forward as a nominee to either Scheme, colleagues are invited to submit an expression of interest and detailed bullet points indicating how they would meet the criteria outlined in the Award guidelines - these should be sufficiently detailed and include information on the type of evidence you have to support your claims, to allow the internal selection panel to make an informed decision.

This should be emailed to Liz McDowell ( by 4 January 2024. Advice and support to develop and format the applications for submission to Advance HE will be provided to the nominees by the Centre for Educational Development. Queries can be directed to

NTFS Roadshows

The Association of National Teaching Fellows are hosting virtual events on Thinking about your NTFS application, A conversation with successful NTFs and Polishing your application: institutional/individual perspectives.  These sessions are free to colleagues in Queen's.  Dates and further details are available on the Advance HE website

Queen's University NTF/CATE Recipients

Queen's University Science Shop, 2023

Dr Aidan McGowan, 2021

Professor Lezley-Anne Hanna, 2018

Professor Gerry Gormley, 2018

Professor Philip Hanna, 2017

Dr Joe Duffy, 2014

Dr Tess Maginess, 2013

Prof Brian Whalley, 2008

Mr David Gibson, 2007

Prof B Milton-Edwards, 2004

Professor Vicki Tariq, 2003

Professor Carol McGuinness, 2001