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Criteria for evaluating learning outcomes

It is important that intended learning outcomes are appropriate.  The list below provides a set of questions against which they can be evaluated:

  • Are the programme/module outcomes consonant with the outcomes of the relevant QAA subject benchmark statement?
  • Do the outcomes accurately reflect the level of the programme or module and are they consonant with the QAA qualification descriptors?
  • Are the module outcomes consonant with the outcomes contained within the Programme Specification?
  • Do the outcomes avoid reference to process?
  • Are the outcomes specific enough to be meaningful and measurable?
  • Are the outcomes general enough not to be over-prescriptive and mechanistic?
  • Are the outcomes clear and easy (for students and employers) to understand?
  • Are the outcomes expressed using objective (ie non-evaluative) language?
  • Are the outcomes expressed using ‘measurable’ verbs?
  • Have the outcomes been restricted to those which are central to successful completion of the module?
  • Are all the outcomes clearly linked to the module assessment strategy?
  • Does each outcome contribute a weighting to the assessment of the module?