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Reviewing Curriculum Provision

Why is this important?

Curriculum review is a necessary and recurrent part of teaching and learning. It is informed by new knowledge and emerging research within a discipline, as well as evolving professional and market-place requirements.  The students’ experience data as revealed in the First Year Experience (FYE) and  Second Year Experience (SYE) surveys, the National Student Survey (NSS)] and student modular feedback, provide invaluable insights into areas of curriculum provision that require attention.


This page highlights six different starting points for reviewing the curriculum and suggests diverse resources which can offer support for curriculum changes and enhancements.


Curriculum Review - suggested starting points

Use one or several of the following sets of questions to analyse and evaluation the current curriculum provision:

What Next?

After evaluating the current curriculum provision, the links below lead to resources which offer support and direction for making curriculum changes and enhancements:

Using Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy Bloom, B. (1956) ‘Taxonomy of educational objectives: the classification of educational goals. Handbook 1, Cognitive domain’

CDIO – reviewing curriculum provision - using a professional accreditation matrix to guide/construct a curriculum review  - “Application of a Generic Curriculum Change Management Process to Motivate and Excite Students”

CDIO – Introductory course

Crawley, E., Malmgvist, J., Ostlund, S. and Brodeur, D. (2007)  ‘Rethinking Engineering Education - CDIO Approach[6] ’, Springer. See Chapters 1 & 2.

Simple active and interactive teaching methodologies

Self and peer-assessment


For further details of reviewing curriculum provision contact:

Linda Carey

Linda Ryles