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ESS Health and Safety Manual

The Health and Safety of all ESS staff and service users is of paramount importance.  All of us play a role in ensuring we have a safe working environment, however there are a number of staff with specific roles and responsibilties.

The ESS Health and Safety Manual sets out these roles and responsibilites.  The Manual is made up of a number of documents, some of which will only be relevant to staff who work in either the One Elmwood Student Centre or the Graduate School.

In order to make individual staff members' understanding more manageable, the manual has been set out in three sections:

Part 1 Health and Safety Policy

Part 2 Roles and Responsibilities

Part 3 University Health and Safety arrangements

The links to these documents are provided below.  Please ensure that you acquaint yourself with these health and safety arrangements and ensure that you are aware of your responsibility within them.

The Health and Safety Co-ordinators for the Directorate are Stephen Browne and Scott Annette. Please contact them if you have any queries about Health and Safety within the Directorate.

Below are details of the local Health and Safety Co-ordinators for each area within ESS:

Area of Responsibility Member of Staff
Administration Building Level 6 Angela Douglas
The Graduate School Scott Annette  
One Elmwood Level 1 Phil Wren 
One Elmwood Level 2 Andrew Uprichard
One Elmwood Level 3  Julio Carreno

Part 1: Education and Student Services Health and Safety Manual

Part 2: ESS Health and Safety Manual - Roles and Responsibilities

Part 3: University Health and Safety Arrangements

Appendix A: H&S Checklist for Managers

Appendix B: Graduate School Operational Manual

Appendix C: ESS Induction Guide for New Staff (for a copy, please contact

Appendix D: Graduate School Information Assistants Weekly Checklists