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Are you new to Queen's? Or, perhaps you have moved into a new house within the University area?

When you registered as a student of the University you signed up to Conduct Regulations. The University takes student misconduct seriously, and any reports of antisocial behaviour, including noise, are followed up upon.

If you are disturbed by noise or antisocial behaviour, in the first instance you should report it to Belfast City Council on 028 9037 3006 (Night-time Noise team operate from 20:00hrs – 04:00hrs) or the Police on 101. In an emergency, you should always phone the Police on 999.

You can then follow up on your report by letting both Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University know. Please find these contact details below:


Police Should be contacted on 101 or 999 in an emergency

Police have set up an email address to deal with Belfast student related enquiries:

Please note that the email address is not a method of reporting crime.

Belfast City Council

Night Time Noise team operate from 20:00hrs - 04:00hrs

Telephone: 028 9037 3006

Antisocial Behaviour

Telephone: 028 9027 0469

Belfast City Council HMO Office

Houses in Multiple Occupancy Office

You can report a HMO or landlord to if you believe a property is not licensed or you suspect they may not comply with the legislation.

Reporting antisocial behaviour

You can report incidents of antisocial behaviour inside a HMO property or within the garden or yard area of a HMO by emailing

Read more about antisocial behaviour.


Belfast Metropolitan College

Telephone: 028 9026 5184

Ulster University

Contact: Una Calvert
Community Relations Coordinator

Telephone: 028 9036 8527

Queen's University Belfast

Contact: Dee Corbett
Neighbourhood Engagement Manager

Telephone: 028 9097 3758
Hotline (out of hours): 028 9097 5219

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