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Fina Wurm

Fina Wurm

Studying MSc in Psychological Science
Queen's University Belfast


Fina Wurm is an honorary assistant psychologist and postgraduate student with the School of Psychology. She has a strong interest in the application of music and art in psychological treatment and hopes to pursue this avenue of research in her future doctorate studies. Prior to working in the field of psychology, Fina was a National Championship winning Flautist and studied at the prestigious University of Performing Arts Vienna. It was also in Vienna that she discovered a love of art and pursued studies in clinical art therapy. She has worked with a diverse range of clients including older adults with dementia, adults with Parkinson’s Disease and children with chronic health conditions, and has lectured to academic groups including IESO, leaders in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy research.

TEDx Talk Title

Saving Lives by Changing The Default

Overview of TEDx Talk

The goal of this TEDx talk is to educate viewers on the need for legislative change in Northern Ireland from an opt in to opt out system of organ donation. A secondary goal is to inspire viewers to become organ donors. In the talk, a harrowing story of life as a critically ill teenager awaiting transplant in Northern Ireland and the life changing result of receiving a kidney transplant will be shared. Additionally, it will be discussed in light of current research how changing to an opt out system of legislation can improve donation rates in Northern Ireland by influencing our cultural perception of donation, improving our familial rejection rates and inspiring change on a personal level.