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The Monaghan Sisters

The Monaghan Sisters

Anna Monaghan
BSc Food Quality, Safey and Nutrition with Professional Studies, Class of 2018

Helen Monaghan
BSc Human Biology, Class of 2016 & Current Medical Student


Hi, I’m Anna, the eldest of “The Monaghan Sisters” by all of 3 minutes and hail from Carryduff. Currently I am a final year PhD Researcher investigating the role of iodine in pregnancy and child development and hope to pursue a career in the field of public health. I didn’t take the conventional route to where I am today, but after taking time out of academic study, working in the food sector (including as part of the obligatory student part-time jobs!) I am excited to hopefully receive my Doctorate in an area I have great passion and enthusiasm for. My main passion linked to nutrition and public health is young people and as such I do a lot of outreach work. Currently I am a STEM Ambassador, NI Secretary and UK Student Group Co-chair for The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) and also founded Queen’s Food Society, QUB Foodies, during my undergraduate degree. Outside of all thing’s nutrition and food related I love walking, yoga, being with family and friends and of course singing with my twin sister Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen, the youngest of the Monaghan duo and I too can be claimed by Carryduff! Currently I am a final year medical student; the culmination of 8 long and cherished years at QUB! I am excited to qualify, albeit with a slightly heavy heart to leave the world of varied part-time jobs behind me that have gifted me with many experiences over the past 11-12 years! I am keeping an open mind career-wise but at present I have a keen and growing passion for psychiatry. As such, I have really enjoyed the time I have spent working as a healthcare assistant in Acute psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychiatry ICU.  Away from the books, I love to spend time with my family and friends – connection with people and nature is important to me. I love cold water sea swimming (without a wetsuit where I can stomach it), walking, singing, dancing, sharing food and laughter with those around me.

I have spent time in India and Sri Lanka, and I hope I am graced with more opportunities to travel in the years ahead. If and when time becomes more plentiful, I would love to pursue a Diploma in Musical performance as I think it would be great fun to study singing away from the classical emphasis of technique but more focus on the story and I’d love to be able teach myself even a little bit of keyboard. Finally, I have always wanted to learn to jive so that’s on my list!

TEDx Talk Title

Trusting the process

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Both of us haven’t had the smoothest journey to get to where we are today but what has helped us through (aside from an amazing support network) is self-perseverance, hope and the ability to focus on the bigger picture. Both of us are grateful to have learned a lot from our paths, always “trusting in the process” to get where we are meant to be.