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Yang Yang and Shiyu Xian

Traditional Chinese Musicians

Yang Yang and Shiyu Xian

Yang Yang
PhD Student in The Sonic Arts Research Centre, School of Arts, English and Languages

Shiyu Xian
Studying MA in Arts Management


Yang Yang is a pianist and a second-year PhD student who based in SARC of Queen's University Belfast, looking at performance anxiety within Chinese university piano majors in her Phd program.

Shiyu Xian is a Erhu player who is about to graduate from Queen's University Belfast with a MA in Arts Management and serve for Sichuan conservatoire.

TEDx Talk Title

Sunshine On Tashkurgan

Overview of TEDx Talk

This work came out of the musical materials of The Tajik ethnic group in Xinjiang, China, along with the unique and strong ethnic customs. The first part, "Singing heartily", presents the vast and beautiful grassland scenery and the scene of herdsmen riding on horses and singing with strings. The second part, "Dancing enthusiastically", gives full play to the complex, changeable, agile and flexible skills and shows the  jubilant dancing of the Tajik people.