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UNICEF highlights impact of CCR research


The work of our Centre for Children’s Rights (CCR) members Professor Laura Lundy and Dr Bronagh Byrne, along with Professor Ursula Kilkelly (University College Cork), has been recognised by UNICEF in its ‘Best of Retrospective Research’ publication for its impact and contribution to international advocacy. The accolade is based on a twelve country study, commissioned by UNICEF UK, which examined implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in domestic legislation.

The study aimed to determine effective, practical and impactful strategies that the United Kingdom could use to embed children’s rights into its laws. Dragan Nastic, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor for Child Rights at UNICEF UK, described the work as 'the best research on the Convention that has ever been produced under UNICEF UK'. The UNICEF publication is available at