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CCR Host Blog Series on Raising the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility

The Graduate School front entrance

The CCR are hosting a blog series in partnership with the Children’s Law Centre, Include Youth, NIACRO and VOYPIC to raise critical debate and discussion on the age of criminal responsibility in NI. This emanated from research undertaken by Nicola Carr (Nottingham University) and Siobhán McAlister (CCR) examining developments in the NI Youth Justice Review. Hosted on QPol, the first blog piece is written by CCR members Laura Lundy and Siobhan McAlister outlining how the low age of criminal responsibility in NI stands in direct contrast to some of the more progressive developments in youth justice. Further blog/vlogs have been contributed to the series by the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People, Northern Ireland Alternatives, and the Children’s Law Centre. There will be additional contributions to the blog series throughout the year.