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Workshop "Consociational Futures”

Stormont building
December 14, 2023 - December 15, 2023
Queen's University Belfast
10:00 - 14:00

Thursday 14 December 2023

1045-1100 Welcome: Agarin & Taylor [coffee/tea available from 1015]

1100-1230 Session 1: The Frame of Consociational Powersharing

What does the Northern Ireland case tell us about consociational theory and practice, Joseph Ruane and Jennifer Todd University College Dublin, Ireland

The Lost Strand? The Irish Dimension in the Good Friday Agreement, John Coakley University College Dublin, Ireland

Who Deserves Consociationalism? Scenarios for a United Ireland, Matthijs Bogaards Central European University, Austria

1230-1315 Lunch

1315-1445 Session 2: The Standing of Consociational Powersharing 

Commemorating the Good Friday Agreement: collective memory and the hegemony of power-sharing, Neil Matthews University of Bristol, UK & Sophie Whiting University of Bath, UK

The uncertainties of stability: understanding the fears and insecurities of political progress in Northern Ireland, Cathal McManus, Queen's University Belfast

Implementing the 'New Decade, New Approach' Agreement: Governance and Identity in Northern Ireland Claire Rice University of Liverpool, UK

1445-1500 coffee/tea break

1500-1630 Session 3: The Question of Representation

Unintended Consequences of Consociational Institutions. The case of Northern Ireland, Aleksandra Zdeb Jagiellonian University, Poland

Clientelist Collapse of Consociations & The Opportunistic Rise of ‘Others’, Drew Mikhael Queen’s University Belfast

Minorities and Power-Sharing in Northern Ireland, Michael Potter Queen’s University Belfast

1630-1640 tea/coffee/cake available

1640-1810 Session 4:  Further Questions

Public Attitudes to Power-Sharing in Northern Ireland, Jamie Pow Queen’s University Belfast & John Garry Queen’s University Belfast Brendan O’Leary

Shelving descriptive representation in consociations, Patrizia John Queen’s University Belfast

A shared identity after 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement? Henry Jarrett, University of Exeter


Friday 15 December 2023

0900-1030 Session 5: Limits of Consociational Powersharing

Consociational Powersharing in Northern Ireland: The View from the Streets, Sadiya Akram Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Consociational categories and confusions, Andrew Finlay Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The Limitations of and Limiting Consociational Policing, Cillian McGrattan Ulster University, Belfast

1030-1100 tea/coffee break

1100-1230 Session 6: Moving Beyond Consociational Powersharing

Beyond consociationalism: from conservative communalism to civic cosmopolitanism, Robin Wilson Social Europe, Belfast

The North of Ireland during the Interregnum, Chris O’Ralaigh Technological University Dublin, Ireland

Is consociationalism dead? Revisiting Northern Ireland’s power-sharing as an international model, John Nagle, Queen’s University Belfast

Integrating Ireland: Preparing for the End of Consociational Powersharing? Colin Harvey Queen’s University Belfast

1230-1300 Questions and matters concerning the way forward

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Stormont building