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PhD studentships

PhD opportunities for 2024-25 

We welcome applications from students wishing to undertake a PhD in the Centre for Light-Matter Interactions starting in September/October 2024.

Current projects:

Efficient laser wakefield acceleration for high energy applications, Dr Matt Streeter

The Coherent Harmonic Focus - High Harmonic Generation in the Multi-Petawatt Regime, Professor Brendan Dromey

Synthesizing Twisted Light Field for Manipulating Chiral Matter, Dr Jason Greenwood

Transport and characterization of advanced, laser-driven ion beams, Professor Marco Borghesi

Laser-driven Compton sources for material detection and nuclear photonics, Professor Gianluca Sarri

Computational pump-probe spectroscopy involving X-ray laser fields, Professor Hugo Van Der Hart

Line identifications for heavy elements of importance in kilonova modelling, Professor David Riley

Modelling the irradiation of biological molecules in the presence of solvents and metal nanoparticles, Dr Lorenzo Stella

Material response of dielectrics to intense laser fields for laser-plasma applications, Dr Mark Yeung

Automated exploration of off-Hugoniot states of matter at the EU XFEL, Dr Matthew Streeter

Mapping the transition from photo-ionisation to strong-field ionisation, Dr Andrew Brown

Hunting (new) Rabbitts, Dr Andrew Brown

Ultrafast radiation damage and sub-picosecond switching in materials for new horizons in X-ray Free Electron Laser science and technology, Professor Brendan Dromey

Many-body theory of positron interactions with atoms, molecules and clusters: high-precision calculations and continuum processes, Dr Dermot Green

High resolution mapping of ion beam acceleration, propagation and energy deposition within a plasma background, Dr Charlotte Palmer

Quantum Chaos in Multicharged positive ions, Dr Gleb Gribakin