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PhD studentships

CLMI PhD projects for 2023 entry

Application deadline : 10 February 2023

A number of  PhD studentships starting in October 2023 is available within the Centre. The studentships are associated to the following projects:

  1. High-precision dosimetry for ultra-short, high dose-rate irradiation sources, supervisors: Prof. G. Sarri (, Prof. G. Schettino (NPL)
  2. Modelling the irradiation of biological molecules in the presence of solvents or metal nanoparticles, supervisors: Dr. L. Stella (, Dr. D. Dundas (
  3. Laser Driven Neutron Sources at High Repetition Rate, supervisors: Dr. S. Kar (, Dr. H. Ahmed (CLF - RAL)
  4. High-energy, laser-driven ion sources for advanced applications, supervisors: Prof. M. Borghesi (, Dr. T. Hodge (AWE)
  5. Benchmarking collisional rates and hot electron transport in high-intensity laser-matter interaction, supervisor: Dr. C. Palmer (
  6. Development of automated plasma accelerators with machine learning algorithms,  supervisors: Dr. M. Streeter (, Dr. D. Symes (CLF - RAL)
  7. Investigating the structure and temperature of matter at extremes using X-ray free electron lasers, supervisors: Dr. E. McBride (,  Prof. D. Riley(
  8. Radiobiology with laser-driven ions at ultra-high dose rates, supervisors: Prof. M. Borghesi (, Prof. K. Prise (
  9. Numerical studies of ultrafast atomic dynamics by attosecond pump-probe techniques, supervisor: Prof. H. Van Der Hart (, Dr. A. Brown (

Please note that funding for projects 1-5 is confirmed, while projects 6-9 are currently awaiting confirmation of either funding or project availability. We will keep updating this page as further information on this becomes available.

Funding: For eligible students, the studentships will cover full tuition fees plus a salary (set at ~£18k for 2023-24) . Some of the studentships are collaborative and offer a top-up of £2,000-3,500 p.a (details will be provided in project descriptions). The duration of the studentships will be either 3 or 3.5 years, depending on the project .

Funding eligibility: UK nationals and international students who satisfy UK residency criteria (settled/pre-settled status + 3 years ordinary UK residency) are eligible for funding.  Please contact the supervisors or the Head of Centre (Prof. M. Borghesi, for further details . 

Application instructions:

  • Applications for post-graduate studies must be made via the QUB portal. Applicants must hold a MSci/BSc/MSc degree in Physics or a relevant subject with a grade of a least 2.1 (or equivalent). 

  • All applications received will receive full consideration for CPP PhD positions. Deadline for application: 10 February 2023.