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Past Colloquia

Past colloquia

The data prior to 2021 will be added.

  • 2023-24
    27 November 2023 Diameter bounds for finite classical groups Sean Eberhard MSRC, QUB
    20 November 2023 Overview of the HSC Honest Broker Service Alan Harbinson HSC Honest Broker Service
    13 November 2023 Discrepancy of stratified samples from partitions of the unit cube Florian Pausinger MSRC, QUB
    06 November 2023 Mathematical Modelling of the Naturally Multiscale Dynamics of Glioblastoma Invasion in the Fibrous Brain Environment Dumitru Trucu University of Dundee
    23 October 2023 Equivariant commutativity and the Catalan numbers Scott Balchin MSRC, QUB
    09 October 2023 Education talk: Using the automated assessment system Mobius for teaching mathematics David Barnes MSRC, QUB
  • 2022-23
    20 March 2023 How the registry works and facilities research Linda Hunt National Transplant Registry, Bristol
    13 March 2023 Approximating Maximum Independent Set on intersection graphs Shizhou Yang QUB
    06 March 2023 Spectral arbitrariness for trees fails spectacularly Rupert Levene UCD 
    27 February 2023 On the development of a monitoring compatible computerised vectorcardiographic parameter Daniel Güldenring HTW Berlin
    20 February 2023 How long can a human being expect to live? Anthony Davidson Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
    06 February 2023 TBC (Topology and Geometry) Francois Clement Sorbonne University
    30 January 2023 Mathematical Models for Epidemiology with Demography Emily Smith QUB
    23 January 2023 Nuisance parameter elimination Heather Batty Imperial College London
    16 January 2023 Communicable maths Gabor Kiss QUB
    05 December 2022 Commutativity via spectra of exponentials Francois Schulz University of Johannesburg
    28 November 2022 Advances in joint mean-covariance modelling Georgious Papageoriou Birbeck College London
    21 November 2022 Multi-state survival models for disease progression Ardo van Den Hout University College London
    14 November 2022 A case for irreversible symbolic dynamical systems Kevin Aguyar Brix University of Glasgow
    07 November 2022 Quandles: another algebra of symmetries Markus Syzmik University of Sheffield
    31 October 2022 Several Problems in Discrepancy Theory Nathan Kirk QUB
    24 October 2022 Use of information criteria for model selection in FNNs Andrew McEirney University of Limerick
    17 October 2022 Non-parametric survival models with interval censored data Zachary Waller QUB
    10 October 2022 Time-fractional subdiffusion equations: gentle introduction, regularity, maximum principles, and numerical analysis Natalia Kopteva University of Limerick
    03 October 2022 To prove or not prove Gabor Kiss QUB
    26 September 2022 Two sided zero products preserves on zero product determined Banach algebras María Luisa Castillo Godoy Universidad de Granada
  • 2021
    21 May 2021 Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo probability density estimation for simulation models Florian Puchhammer Basque Center for Applied Mathematics
    14 May 2021 Solvability of some integro-differential equations with anomalous diffusion and transport Vitali Vougalter Toronto
    07 May 2021 Exact structures for operator modules Michael Rosbotham QUB
    12 March 2021 Numerical semigroups and music Maria Bras-Amoros Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    05 March 2021 Positive-definite functions, exponential sums and the greedy algorithm: a curious phenomenon Louis Brown Yale University
    26 February 2021 Topological K-theories as inspirations for calculus Niall Taggard MPI Bonn
    19 February 2021 K-theory: from linear equations to the fundamental theorem Thomas Hüttemann QUB
    12 February 2021 Trigonometric products and Diophantine approximation Bence Borda TU Graz
    05 February 2021 Cell migration in fibrous environments: a multiscale approach Anna Zhigun QUB
    29 January 2021 On Proinov’s Lower Bound for the Diaphony Nathan Kirk QUB