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About the Centre

The Centre for Quantum Materials Technologies (CQMT) is part of the School of Mathematics and Physics at QUB and was formed in 2022, exploiting the existing expertise in the modelling, simulation and experimental characterisation of (non-)equilibrium processes and systems from the nanoscopic domain all the way to Quantum engines. 
Currently it consists of 15 academics and about 50 postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers working at the intersection of materials science, condensed matter physics, device engineering, and quantum information. Examples of research areas are: Quantum Technologies, Ferroelectric Topological Structures, Dimensionally confined Functional Materials, Energetics at the nano and quantum scales, Neuromorphic and quantum computing, Nanoscale and quantum transport, Quantum Plasmonics and Photonics, Computational Chemistry, Molecular dynamics and Atomistic modelling.