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Connecting with Eighteenth-Century Studies

The British Society for Eighteenth-century Studies

Organises a major international conference each year, as well as smaller meetings and conferences. With Wiley, BSECS publishes the Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies. BSECS supports scholarship through awards, bursaries and fellowships, and acts as a point of contact for those interested in the history and culture of the period. 

Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society

ECIS has approximately 200 individual members across the island of Ireland and overseas. Membership of the society is open to all.

Eighteenth-Century Literature Research Network in Ireland

The ECLRNI aims to link all those researching and teaching English literature of the long eighteenth century. English literature includes the literatures of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, as well as England. Membership is open to all working in Irish third-level institutions or research libraries on literature in English c. 1680 - c. 1820, whether as teaching staff, post-doctoral fellows, or postgraduate students.

International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

The purpose of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies is to promote the growth, development and coordination of studies and research relating to the eighteenth century in all aspects of its cultural heritage (historical, philosophical, ideological, religious, linguistic, literary, scientific, artistic, juridical) in all countries, without exception; the Society is non-profit-making and non-political. 

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in all aspects of the period . . . from the later seventeenth through the early nineteenth century.

The Georgian Group

The work of the Georgian Group is informed by two charitable objectives:

(1) to save from destruction or disfigurement Georgian buildings, whether individually or as part of a group, monuments, parks and gardens of architectural and historic interest and, where necessary, encourage their appropriate repair or restoration and the protection and improvement of their setting.

(2) to stimulate public knowledge and appreciation of Georgian architecture and town planning; of Georgian taste as displayed in the applied arts design and craftsmanship, and its influence on later periods.

Irish Georgian Society

The Irish Georgian Society is a membership organisation whose purpose is to promote awareness and the protection of Ireland's architectural heritage and decorative arts.  These aims are achieved through the activities of its membership and through its conservation and education programmes.

Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society  

An interdisciplinary and international society examining all aspects of 18th-century Scottish culture and society.